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Thread: EQ & EQ2 Living Legacy : Free til July 25th

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tulgin1 View Post
    Shame I can't mouse-over the items and see stats for some reason. Still cool though.
    If you click on the Inventory tab, then you can click on items to view their stats and such. Seems a little buggy though.

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    I can't remember my old log in details for my account. Which is a shame, the first day I played EQ2 I was standing around kelethin bank (the tree city) and some high lvl guy whispered me. "Hey I'm quitting, have all my stuff". I remember him giving me crap loads of money and items. I only made it to level 35 I think. So I'll have to start from scratch if I gave it another try.

    Is this game actually worth playing? Or will I just get bored again after a month.

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    if you still use the same e-mail address?

    There are tons of ways they can find your account if you call in.

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