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Thread: Ok I am still playing

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    Default Ok I am still playing

    I am enjoying it more than I thought I would.

    I love the new Hollows zone. New to me anyway. It's huge.

    I finally figured out that "Troller" was controller. I thought all these people were lft and were a new Troll class that I didn't have access to since I have no expansions.

    Little confused about the player made enhancements. Is a lev 10 player made better than a bought 10 bumped up twice to 12?

    My highest toon is my energy blaster but I noticed that a Def with a secondary dark power kicks booty pretty good too. I think I enjoy the knockback with my blaster too much tho.

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    You will love the new Faultline zone. That quest line and the new Rikti Crash site Quest line are my favorite missions in any MMO EVER.
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