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Thread: New AAs

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    Quote Originally Posted by wycca View Post
    On a personal note, the monk class is pretty shitty atm. We've got some serious itemization, disc, mitigation/avoidance, and dps issues. The combined effect is that I don't feel like playing the game anymore after 9 years.
    Then don't.

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    Bla bla bla 1 (I have suggested before)

    Still want the immunity agaist e.g. malo and crap with counters

    bla bla bla 2 (I have suggested before)

    Still want the increase of duration of clickies with duration 40sec +

    bla bla 3 (new one)

    increase aggro on 4 closest npc by 500 points

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    The more I look at these AA, the more horrible they appear. Exploding heart is basically yet another nuke that will have 0 impact on the raiding game. Zan Fi, even in it's highest rank, amounts to a total 3% DPS increase with no discs running. With discs running it drops to 1%. Blink... what is the purpose? Why do we need it? It is simply something that is going to be pointed out again and again as a reason why monk DPS should never be increased. The various spires of the sensei? Well, one currently lists a 5% increase to crit rate coupled with .05 increase to crit damage, which unless I'm mistaken amounts to a DPS difference that couldn't even be parsed. Another one gives a 140% increase to minimum damage skill modifiers. Stackability with fero 7? No clue, haven't looked into that one yet. The last one is a 14% proc rate modifier, which.. well.. lol.

    Edit: Yeah, I do realize that this may in no way resemble what actually ends up live. But how anything with a 14% proc rate modifier ever could end up in any kind of listing anywhere is just... jfc.
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