Kumbaja's has picked up on some new AAs for the next expansion. Among them are 2 AA lines for monks, each with 3 ranks:

The first - Zan Fi's Whistle - adds 15/20/25 to each h2h/1hb/2hb attack.
1) http://www.antonius-bayle.org/kumbaj...w.php?id=16178
2) http://www.antonius-bayle.org/kumbaj...w.php?id=16179
3) http://www.antonius-bayle.org/kumbaj...w.php?id=16180

The second - Five Point Palm - is a nuke for 10k/12.5k/15k with a recourse that damages the monk for 1500 (all 3 ranks).
1) http://www.antonius-bayle.org/kumbaj...w.php?id=16181
2) http://www.antonius-bayle.org/kumbaj...w.php?id=16182
3) http://www.antonius-bayle.org/kumbaj...w.php?id=16183

Five Point Palm also seems to be a delayed effect, although generally I don't have a whole lot of faith in the duration and reuse values. It also looks like Five Point Palm will cost endurance (1500 listed for all 3 ranks).

Thoughts? Concerns? Suggestions?