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    also see:

    quote from Xathh:


    First off you need to go see A fallen student in Lake rathetear. He is easily found to the South East of the arena zone in on the little island there (does anyone have his loc?)

    Anyway from him you go through the text, he says hes having nightmares and wants you to see if they are real. Go to Harbingers Spire in OoW and pick up a "Muramite Sand" It is no drop and lore I believe. It drops off the dragorns there. from there you go and turn it back into the fallen student in lake rathetear (someone below this feel free to link up all the dialogue).

    After you do that you go to find Researcher Relreom in Shadowhaven (pos 370 pos 1200). He will say that he needs basically 4 pages (once again, can someone please link the text). What the 4 pages are are ground spawns in different parts of the world.

    These sections of parchments have been found in several locations:

    Gunthak: -730, -340 (on the beach next to a beached ship)

    The Hole: +65, +90 (inside the old city to the right)

    Howling Stones: +20, -15 (Direcly down under the zone in)

    Akheva Ruins: +711 -1426 (in passage south of Shei's room) (thanks mithaniel.aerion)

    (HS loc is wrong, it is on the north wall underneath the zone in)

    Take all of those and return them to the researcher in SH to get Danl's Missing Book.

    Take Danl's Missing book to Danl (erudin) and turn it in to him to recieve more txt and some experiance. From there you should be able to go and hail Wygresh in SG and have him react to you. Wygresh drops half of kairens diary (basically what we are trying to get at this point).

    That about sums it up from what I have read from the other post. Thanks to everyone that has contributed thus far, quoted most of this directly from the other post (with some summarization etc) so credit goes to all those hard working monks. Good luck everyone

    -Once you've had Mr. Scaley you will want to have him daily.


    other stuff...


    get some muramite Sand from Harbringers in oow (lore nodrop) give to the fallen student.

    go back to danl - who will not talk until his assistant returns- who is his assistant and how to we get danl to talk.

    Edit 1:

    Found in Scarlet Desert the Disciple of the Sun- one of the Stages of the quest but not a trigger.


    I see you have come in search of our ways. How can one such as yourself think that you have the power and pureness to challenge a Disciple of the Celestial Order? Very well though, if you wish to [challenge] me I shall enlighten you.

    Edit 2

    A fallen Student in Lake Rathetear:

    You say, 'Hail, a fallen student'

    [Wed Sep 15 18:04:33 2004] As you look at this individual, you can tell he has something bothering him greatly. The fallen student says, 'Eh? There is nothing I can help you with. I have nothing for myself anymore. . .except these [cursed dreams].'

    [Wed Sep 15 18:04:41 2004] You say, 'what cursed dreams'

    [Wed Sep 15 18:04:42 2004] a fallen student says 'I pray that they stay locked within my mind for the world as we know it would be changed forever. In my dreams I see sand as red as blood and skies scorched from war. It is a terrible [vision].'

    [Wed Sep 15 18:04:49 2004] You say, 'what vision'

    [Wed Sep 15 18:04:49 2004] a fallen student says 'I have seen visions of a dark foe gaining new strength in a plane unknown to me. It grows stronger with every passing minute. It gathers those that stand for chaos and disorder and is sending them out to search for the ultimate power of the Immortals, but it cannot be real. History reveals that he has been defeated. I see this same dream every night. It haunts me greatly. This dream seems too real, however, to not have some truth to it. If only I knew if this was the gift of foresight, or if I have finally lost my mind. If I only knew, I would be able to rest again.'

    [Wed Sep 15 18:06:01 2004] You say, 'Hail, a fallen student'

    [Wed Sep 15 18:06:02 2004] a fallen student says 'In my dreams I see sand as red as blood and skies scorched from war. It is a terrible vision that has haunted me greatly. Please find a way to let me know if this is fact or fiction, Moro.'

    ou say, 'I will complete this task'

    [Wed Sep 15 19:31:44 2004] a fallen student says 'Do not think that it will be an easy feat, even for one with such capabilities as yourself. There are two masters you must find. They will show you the ways of the enlightened. Return to me after you have gained proof of your deeds.'


    tomekeeper Danl in erudin responds to [book immortals] and [Vortix].

    Danl gives the trigger to ask vortix [where is Kaiaren's diary].

    If you say [Vortix] to the fallen student in Lake Rathe, he despawns and repops as Vortix.

    Says something about finding out his true form and Danl should have helped you more than he could.

    PS: it appears other ppl are editing my post, so im trying as much as i can to update this info heh



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