Due to a couple of requests from some users, I have created this Vanguard forum for the discussion of all things Vanguard. Due to the -Apparent- Abandonment of vgmonks.com by it's owner and its subsequent Database failure with noone going to "reboot" it, they asked me to make a forum here to replace that site.

This forum is for those that Play the game and i won't tolerate any Trolling in it.

Eventually,(in my prodigious free time) I'll get around to redoing the Vanguard skills(i also have to update the EQ and EQII monk skills pages as well) etc pages that i had in the previous version of the site which -Should- Adequately replace those pages over at vgmonks.

Also -if demand warrants- i'll get around to reactivating my original monks-vsoh.com site and do a redirect to the VG section's page...