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    Default Of Celestial Fists...

    I saw this posted here , linked while browsing the EQMac boards out of curiosity (yes, Al'Kabor still exists!). Had to share, was a great read. All credit goes to the author.

    Of Celestial Fists...
    By Elleb, 9/15/2007 11:00 PM (PST)

    Kaiaren, a monk whose journey toward enlightenment is documented in the very stitching of his hand wraps, created these potent weapons. As a youth, Brother Kaiaren advanced quickly through the ranks of his ascetic order, proving to his masters time and again that he was capable of outstripping all that his home town of Queynos had to offer. There was no task set before him that Kaiaren did not pursue and conquer, and in remarkably short time he was inducted into the ancient Order of the Whistling Fists.

    Once he had proved himself worthy to don the robe of his Order, Kaiaren walked the land in search of experiences that would help him grow in both wisdom and skill. In time, young Kaiaren happened upon a cult of fallen monks who called themselves the Celestial Fists. Vorash, the Celestial Fists’ leader, attempted to lure Kaiaren into his new Order. Vorash promised Kaiaren glory and power the likes of which the youth had never seen. The master claimed that he and his senior disciples had wrested control of the elements themselves.

    Holding trie to the honor of the Whistling Fists, however, Kaiaren refused Vorash’s offer and, perhaps foolishly, challenged the master to a duel. Vorash quickly defeated the brash young monk, and, though he spared Kaiaren’s life, he took the young man;s eye as a reminder of what happens to all who would dare oppose the Order of The Celestial Fist. Kaiaren fled to the jungles of Kunark, badly hurt in body, and worse, humiliated and ashamed. Months passed and, meanwhile, Vorash and his order grew in power. Kaiaren, in his isolation, meditated on his defeat, until finally a voice within him urged the heroic young man to return and put an end to the evil of the Celestial Fist. If Vorash and his disciples were allowed to continue, Norrath would surely suffer.

    Kiaren tore the hem from the bottom of his prized robe and wrapped his hands with the strips of cloth. He began training anew, practicing his deadly techniques upon the great trees of the jungle until his hands grew bloody and calloused, and each day he added another strip of cloth to the well worn strips already upon his hands. And into each layer he poured his own desire and dedication to the Balance. Only a few months later he was ready. This time he would not begin with Vorash. Instead, he would bring down the Celestial Fist from the bottom, as one fells a tree.

    One by one, Kaiaren defeated Vorash’s underlings, soon working his way up to the master’s most accomplished disciples. Upon defeating the Disciple of Fire, Kaiaren gained the destructiveness of flame, and his hand wraps too tinged with new power. After deposing the Disciple of Earth, the young monk gained the strength and might of the mountains; the Disciple of Earth gave him the swiftness and deftness of the wind. And after each victory, the hand wraps also absorbed some measure of his enemy, until the hels harnessed within them the essence of all the elements.

    The time had come for Kaiaren to face Vorash once again. Enraged by this upstart’s triumph over his most able disciples, Vorash met Kaiaren upon the shores of Lake Ill Omen. Conjuring up some wicked power, the master transformed himself into a great skeletal abomination, lashing at Kaiaren with vicious claw coursing through his body. Confidence filled his spirit and he knew, beyond a doubt, that he could vanquish the evil before him. He landed blow after mighty blow upon what was once Vorash until the great abomination moved no more.

    Kaiaren, honorable to the core, knelt and mourned the loss of so foul an enemy. The young master pulled a tooth from the pile of bones and sewed it into his hand wraps, and then buried the wraps along with Vorash’s remains somewhere on the continent of Kunark. Power such as that held by the wraps, according to Kaiaren, was best left to the elements. In the hands of one without wisdom, the wraps would only bring suffering to Norrath: he knew the power within the wraps could easily sway even the most careful individual.

    Sinjinn with Celestial Fists
    One who is honorable to the core.

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    good story

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    Kairen showed much wisdom and accomplished much. However the true reason the wraps were buried is he realized he was not worthy of them. He had shown the route, but only a master of the scales was truly worthy to be the wearer of the celestial fists.

    Still, not bad for a softskin
    Going for AC before AC was cool.

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