New Posters, now have a limit of 2 posts a day until they reach a number arbitrarily set by me, its more than 10 posts and less than 20.This rule is to help prevent spam attacks.

Rules are divided into 3 areas.

Bannable Offenses.

a) Advertising of non-monk, non-EQ related material. Posting links to 'fun' stuff is ok, this is regards blatant advertising.

b) Spamming.
This includes posting links to get hits for the web 'games' Outwar, Everwars, Racewarkingdoms, Mobstergame, or any other such games where you get points by getting people to click on a link.

c) Posting Offensive material. (pornography etc)

2) Warning Offenses. (2 warnings = ban)

a) Excess Profanity. A little minor swearing to make a point is acceptable, Profanity for the sake of Profanity is not.

b) Personal Attacks. You can attack what someone has to say, but you cannot attack the person saying it.

an example:

"What a stupid thing to say!" is ok.
"You are stupid" is not.

c) Flaming. (attacking someone just for the sake of it, without a justifiable reason)

d) Trolling. (posting a deliberately inflamatory comment with the intent of annoying others)

e) posting a link to the idiotic "war" sites - kingdom, ever, any other one i don't know about. we don't want to see it here. if a new game starts up with a new name, that also will go on the filtered list as soon as the first person posts about it...

f) Posting of Political threads, which are pretty much guaranteed to end up with violations of rules 2b, 2c, & 2d. Important Topics of a Political nature(natural Disasters, elections, important Supreme court rulings) can be posted but the Second they Violate rules 2b, 2c, or 2d they will be locked.

3) Frowned upon. (will get your post edited/deleted and a telling off from the moderators)

a) Posting to the wrong forum. We have a number of different forums for a reason. Please post in the correct place.

b) Cross Posting. Never post the same thing in more than 1 forum.

c) Violation of the signature rules.

d) Posting all in capitals. Especially thread titles. Threads all in caps WILL be deleted.

e) Creating threads in the style of a blog. Our forums are clearly labeled for their intended use and in-which none of them are described as blog. We gladly congratulate posters on milestone events such as births, weddings, anniversaries and other things of significant importance. However we do not need to know about trivial information such as bowel movements, color, size, and shape.

f) Attempting to attract the attention of a moderator by means that violate any of the above stated rules. If you have something important to say, please send a PM.

Continued violations of rules in section 3) can and will result in a warning, and thus possibly a ban.

The main rule is this:

Remember this is a game that we play to have fun. Posting here should be just as enjoyable for all users, as playing MMO's are.