There are 2 forums that have specific rules:

1) Guides and Tactics.

This forum is for depositing information ONLY. Questions should not be asked in this forum. If you wish to ask a question about an existing thread, or request a new one is started, then please do so in one of the other forums (whichever is relevant). Questions in this forum WILL be deleted, and persistant offenders will recieve a warning.

2) Newbie Zone.

This is a special forum where new players can ask questions who's answer would be considered by experienced players as common knowledge. The rule here is 'If you dont have anything constructive to say, then dont say anything'. This is so 'silly' questions can be asked without fear of being labelled as such.

All other forums are 'open' forums where the normal board rules apply. Please try and post your questions in the appropriate room, and dont just put everything into 'general'. Threads in the wrong location WILL be moved or deleted (depending on the mood of the moderator) and repeated offenders will be given a warning.