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Thread: Luclin Monk Items

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*

    I got a belt in maiden eye.

    ac20 str15 wis15 wt.2. no drop

    all melee can use it.

    In my mind, it is tbb upgrade version.

    It is a very good belt, sweet. <img src= ALT=":)">

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*

    Arms are 16 ac, at least mine still are as of right this minute.

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*

    Yea, the arms are 16ac. It was a bit late at night and I wasn't thinking. Sorry about that mistake guys.


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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*

    guy i was duoing with said something about 14 AC +20% block skill legs that are 0 wt from same zone as that mask with intimidation bonus . . . . . i must have them</p>

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*

    Spore Covered Boots






    class: war clr pal rng shd dru mnk brd rog shm bst



    Zone:Netherbian Lair

    LVL:??green to 48

    Spore Covered Gloves

    same stats except


    sv fire:2

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*


    slighted pauldrons

    lore, magic, no drop

    ac 15, str10, stam10, fire 5, poison 5, disease 5, magic 15, weight 1.0

    usable by all mellee and all races, drops off a Garudon (sp?)Battlemaster in the zone Maidens Eye.

    Grandmaster Timot <farstorm>, veeshan


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    Default Re: Sleeper INCOMING!!!!!!

    I got a ring in Fungus Grove the other day off of the bandits. They were dropping like candy along with TONS of spells. I don't remember the name and I can't log in now but here are stats. It's lore too.

    Ac: 6

    Hp: 55

    Mana: 55

    Dr: 10

    Cr: 5

    Wt: 0.4 (might be 0.5)

    Fooji Wasoo

    60 Grandmaster



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    Default Re: Sleeper INCOMING!!!!!!

    Var Shir (maybe Shar Vahl) Claw Earring

    5ac 6dex 4sta

    weight 0.2

    Dropped in the M eye zone

    Stats and weight are correct will check name later sorry very sleepy now <img src= ALT=":)">



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    Default Re: Sleeper INCOMING!!!!!!

    Got an idol of fallen in Maiden's Eye right before Acheva ruins zone off one of the ET-looking mobs.

    15ac 10str/wis 5dex 15cr/dr 2wt no drop. all melees

    Paladin friend got a 20ac 15str/wis belt off the same ET-looking mobs too.

    Wolfgan Amedeus

    58th Master of the Celestial Fists

    Proud member of Zenith Sage's Suicide Monk Squad


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    Default Range Item

    Transient Idol

    Magic, Lore, No Drop

    +15 str, +8 dex, +10 sta, +50 hp

    Wt: 2.0

    Found in Madien's Eye off Shadowed Overlord


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    Default Re: Range Item

    Medic Pouch

    +10% to bindwound

    effect: Summon Bandages

    2 weight

    secondary only

    Anyone have any more info about where in Grieg's End this drops? What mob etc? In my opinion this is the best item I have seen come out of SoL yet and I would really like to get my hands on one.

    <div align="center"><a href=></a></div></p>

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    Default New item

    Primitive Leather Gloves

    Magic Item

    SLot: Hands




    Weight 2.2


    Fungus Grove off Tormaks same ones that drop Tormak Battle Staff

    [47 Monk] Darder Brainsmasher (Human) -- Quellious

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    Default Re: gear

    To add to the spore covered items - seems all are 0.4 wt and all can use save pure casters. Green at 48 red at 13 /shrug.

    bracer 5ac +1sta

    feet 6ac +1agil

    hat 6ac +1int

    hands 6ac +2svf

    back 5ac +1wis

    arms 6ac +2svf

    Yubb Yubb
    lvl 46
    Nameless - Honor of Knights</p>

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    Default !

    A centi Warhammer

    15 31 +5 STR STA +2 wis

    6 weight


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    Default Re: gear

    Hey. I have found all the Spore-covered stuff is good mid-lvl armor. Lightweight, good AC, and some nice stats, including the elusive sta that so many of us are looking for, myself included.

    Kept one bracer and tossed my wu's for it. Also switch off the helemt with my executioners hood depending on situation. I keep the tunic around just for looks, cuase with a bracer, helmut, and tunic, plus wu's pants, you look like you are in army fatigues! Very cool. Whoever is bitching about how things look now, at least if you are an Iksar, enough. I am VERY happy with how my monk looks now, except that he is a little buff for a monk. Otherwise, I look vicious as Hell!


    Sssin Sssational

    32nd Circle Iksar Monk

    Officer of the Well of Souls

    Tarew Marr </p>

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    Default Re: gear

    Found these Kitty slashers ...

    Polished Steel Ulak 9/27 H2H skill str+3 wis+3 hp+25 mana+25 primary secondary NOT lore NOT nodrop wt 1.1 stones monk beastlord.


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    Default Re: gear

    Found a Gold Ulak in Akheva

    16/28 7str 7dex 75hps 7mr

    procs 70pt life tap

    Hammeron Stonespirit



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    Level 10 Hunter

    Midgard Realm, Merlin Server


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    Default items

    Only saw this item posted once and the stats were wrong

    maidens eye

    Goranga spiked club: 1hb

    12dam/23del 2str 5ac Lore No drop

    Primary only 2.5weight


    Fireclaw carapace

    8ac 5str 10sv fire 3.0 (back slot)

    Drops off fireclaw in echo he is a 3hour spawn

    also killed the taskmaster who spawns near him drops a 7dam/24del 1hs 5sv poison 5sv dis

    taskmaster is a 1hour spawn


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    Default Keshkar Katar (sp?)

    Another hth weapon found on a mini-boss in the Ssra temple (can't remember how the name is spelled).

    Keshkar Katar

    12 damage, 20 delay

    7 dex, 7 agi, 75 hp, 7 vs cold

    Effect: Claw of the Savage (75pt lifetap)

    weight 0.8

    Looks like a Katar (same graphic as the Velious teeth)


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    Default Shaderock Crown

    Seems my previous post was screwed up a bit..

    Shaderock Crown

    20ac, 5 int, minus 5 char, 10 all resists, 50 hp, 50 mana, Zero weight

    Off The Vy'dyn.


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    Default akvehr.

    Also forgot to add the crown was from the zone Akvehr Ruins ( Off The VyDyn )

    -Zerric Battlehammers

    Grandmaster -TT


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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*

    Here's a screenshot of the Helm's stats. Has no graphic when worn.

    <center><img src=>

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*

    Got a couple of these today. They're not uber like most of the stuff posted so far, but I thought they were good for me, considering my alternative is fists alone when I need to practice H2H

    Fist of Horn


    Slot: Primary or Secondary

    Skill: Hand to Hand Atk Delay: 26

    DMG: 8 Dmg Bonus: 2 (i'm only level 32)

    STR: +2 STA: +2 HP: +20 SV DISEASE: +2

    SV POISON: +2

    WT: 1.2 Size: Small

    Class: MNK BST


    There ya go. I was reading it off my other PC so I couldn't post a screenshot. It looks like a Pulsing Red ball when weilded, Just like something else I've seen before but I can't place the name.

    Dropped in Paludal Caverns off named Mushroom..Reishicyben.

    Out of around 12 hours camping him I saw one drop. Also, as a side note, this is the only blue mob to a 32 in this whole zone.

    Luck to ya.

    P.S. You'll notice its MAGIC, but NOT lore.

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    <table border="0" width="100%">
    <td width="100%">
    <p align="center"><a href=""><font size="1"></font>

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*

    Got a spiked club of some sort in Maiden's Eye off those Hunters...

    12 dmg, 23 dly, plus some other stats... weight: 1.5

    Got that 8 ac, 4 dex, 3 sta, 5 sv cold idol as well wight: 0.1


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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*

    <img src=>

    Drop in Akheva. Looks like an Essence of Dol while equipped.

    Drops off a triggered mob (ie. the mobs that spawn by the non-detectable, non-disarmable, random mob spawning traps) called A Shadow Revanant (sp?) Spectre-hooded mobs, similar to The Protector, the wandering mob in the first hallway.

    No idea of rarity, this is the first I have seen, and I have hunted there for a few days now.

    <img src=>
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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*

    maiden's eye for 2 days now...

    won the roll on the idol of the fallen today...stats have been posted...(the nodrop ac15 str10 wt 2 etc. range item... =D)

    drops off the umbral toilers (blue/grey moonmen) THAT HAVE A BAG IN THEIR HAND! if the mob is carrying a bag in its left hand, it has an idol! so keel it!

    these wandering moonmen carry other weapons too, are blue to me at 51, pure melee mobs, and do NOT HT (those flying robes xi xaui and xi vius with pets are the ones that HT).


    - chungkuo sifu

    human monk

    master of the 51st chamber

    guardians of the keep, drinal

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*

    Expeditious Boots


    Slot: FEET

    AC: 14

    Skill Mod: Dodge +7%

    Weight: 0.0 Size: Tiny

    Class: All

    Race: All

    Ths item dropped in Griegs End off of some Shadow Mob.


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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*

    Thorn Ring of the Seer *Lore*

    Ring Slot

    AC 5


    5 to all saves

    0.1 WT

    Wedan Warsoul




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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Post with Weights, please*

    Found in Akheva off of Transient Xin (not very far in, blue at 57, not tough at all)

    White Fire Maul


    27/36 +10 fire dmg +14str/dex/agi +9sta +8cha +20FR +100hp wgt 4.0 2hb

    Usable by all 2hb classes. Looks

    That mob spawned twice in about 90 minutes. First drop was:

    White Fire Sword (name? it was white fire something and it is a sword)

    10/22 +5 fire dmg (roughly halve the stat bonuses for the maul) +75hp +15FR wgt 3.0

    At least rogue and warrior usable as that's who got 'em in our group. I suspect it's usable by any 1hs class. I said this was his first drop, his second was the same sword AND the maul. Way easy for a 55+ group.

    Sslaris Bonesnapper

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Updated 12/9*

    Well hi all . i went and zoned into The paudal caverns and was welcomed by 10+ mobs who them proceded to Pimp slap me.... i zoned out and a fellow whom i encountered was having the same problem..well he asked if i was a monk and asked of i had been here yet..i told him no and that it my first time to the caverns..well he decides that i have to see the weapon that was dropped so he puts it up in the trade window..well its nice and he says i can have it..i thank him greatfuly and procede to turn for shadow haven when he pops another trade window..and fills it up and asks if there is anything i like out this stuff well there is one in particular that i find appealing and i ask him how much..he says 20pp for all of them ..well i see a deal in the making andgive hime 20pp well this is what i got. I received 2 of the fist of bone and the

    Horns of Spirit,Beast,Fighting...not bad for 20pp...any idea what the PC on this stuff might be?

    <IMG SRC=>
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    Default leggings

    Found on Allakhazam's site.

    Gray Leggings


    AC: +8 Str: +2 Wis: +2 Mana: +5

    Weight: 1.0

    Block +5%

    Location was not given.



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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Updated 12/10*

    Fists of Wood



    +1 str, +1 sta, +1 sv vs. poison, disease, +15 hps

    Paludal Caverns

    Dropped off a mushroom guy (can't remember the name) - very green to me at 37

    The graphic? Same as the epic <img src= ALT=":)"> lol Looks like an EoD when equipped.

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Updated 12/10*

    Primal Weapons also use the Monk Epic icon on the Inventory screen.

    <center><image src =>
    <table border>
    Chilau SwiftFist


    The Nameless Server</td>
    Disciple of the 53rd Order

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Updated 12/10*

    Yuegou, Thaat's exactly where we were. I guess we were lucky in 2 ways. 1) That he was up when we got there and that he spawned again within 90 minutes or so. and 2) that he actually dropped anything. A post earlier in this thread said they get White Fire Handwraps and a White Fire <piercer> but it also mentioned that they killed the guy several more times and he dropped nothing. Unless the guy didn't notice they were killing PHs. There's nothing to distinguish Sentient Xin from his PHs (same mob model in all cases I saw) except that he will have a nifty/uncommon weapon model in his hand and of course the name.

    Sslaris Bonesnapper

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Updated 12/10*

    Suprised this one hasn't been posted yet


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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Updated 12/10*

    Shrouded Boots LORE NODROP

    ac 12

    +4 str/agi/dex/sta/str/wis/int/ +5cha

    wt 2.5

    slot FEET


    NO graphic 8( drops off coterie's in maidens eye. Seen 2 pairs in 2 nights drop

    Kaolin Pah

    "The Knockout Monk <img src= ALT=";)"> "

    55th Master of the Celestial Fists

    <union> solusek ro

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    Default Crystal of Interpretation

    This is the mob info, I'll confirm when you guys figure it out <img src= ALT=":p"> , shouldn't be too hard <img src= ALT=":)">

    Estimate 300-350k hp

    Quad 570

    Rampage every round

    Procs Curse on almost every hit:

    4950 hp in 18 ticks

    full stamina drain

    dragon based resistance

    Disease based, needs major disease cure

    [59 Master] Catranizi (Iksar) Enrapture
    <APPLET CODE="SIRtext.class" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100 ARCHIVE="SIRtext.jar" codebase="">
    <PARAM NAME="FONT1" VALUE="Helvetica|N|10">
    <PARAM NAME="FONT2" VALUE="Helvetica|B|12">
    <PARAM NAME="FONT3" VALUE="Helvetica|B|16">
    <PARAM NAME="Color1" VALUE="225|100|0">
    <PARAM NAME="Color2" VALUE="255|0|0">
    <PARAM NAME="Color3" VALUE="0|255|0">
    <PARAM NAME="Color4" VALUE="0|0|0">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE1" VALUE="3|3| Enrapture">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE2" VALUE="3|3| Kill">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE3" VALUE="3|3| Board">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE5" VALUE="2|1|Old World">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE6" VALUE="1|2|Innoruuk - 2">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE7" VALUE="1|2|Eye of Veeshan - 2">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE8" VALUE="2|1|Kunark">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE9" VALUE="1|2|Trakanon - 9 ">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE10" VALUE="1|2|Gore, Tal, Sev - 16">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE11" VALUE="1|2|Venril Sathir - 11">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE12" VALUE="2|1|Velious">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE13" VALUE="1|2|Velketor - 4">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE14" VALUE="1|2|Vindicator - 5">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE15" VALUE="1|2|Zlandicar - 1">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE16" VALUE="1|2|Telkorenar - 3">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE17" VALUE="1|2|Wuoshi - 3">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE18" VALUE="1|2|Dozekar - 3">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE19" VALUE="1|2|Statue - 1">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE20" VALUE="2|1|Luclin">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE21" VALUE="1|2|Rhag'Zezhum - 2">
    <PARAM NAME="TEXTLINE22" VALUE="1|2|Rhag'Mozdezh - 2">

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Updated 12/10*

    We had a Gold Inlaid Ulak drop off The Va'Dyn in Akheva last night. The effect seems to be a 75pt lifetap.


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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Updated 12/10*

    Aye, it's a 75hp lifetap proc. Goes off pretty often <img src= ALT=":)">

    Fder - Sig removed to compact thread size

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    Default Re: Luclin Monk Items *Updated 12/10*

    Isn't there a spell in the new set that is specially made to cure curses?

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    <font color=BLUE><center>60th level Grandmaster
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