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    I haven't had too much chance to mess with a lot of the PoP AA points yet.. all of my AA have gone into Planar Power (at 3) and then for kicks I put one into Ingenuity (you don't know how fun it is to watch people go huh??? a crit blast?), and then Technique of Wu.

    ToW is very cool.. only one point in it, and it gives you the chance to hit at least twice and sometimes 3 times everytime you Flying Kick. It uses all of your Special Attacks i.e. Eagle Claw, Dragon Punch/Tail Rake, Kick, Round Kick... so in the beginning it can be a bit feeble.. when you see yourself kick for 174 and then 1 :P

    I imagine that increased skill makes it more likely to use Flying Kick more often.. I have seen it happen, and have double critical kicked for 200+ right in a row.. very cool skill. Extra DPS without really having to do anything extra.

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    yea it is

    great skill, well worth having 1 point in it


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