Well there were 2 things I noticed are not there that I think really should be for monks.

First off Why didn't our wt limit go up a bit ?? As soon as I heard the lvl limit was going up I was expecting my new wt limit to be at least 26 hehe maybe even 30 if I was lucky but nothin.

Second thing I noticed was the pop advance teir. It kinds seems to me that that some classes got left out here. PoP advance is pretty much General part 2 so should (and is) pretty much the same for all classes. The only differences are that the tank classes (war/pal/sk) get planar durability and the casters (nec/mag/wiz/enc/dru/sham/clr) get planar enlightenment. All other classes including monk have 1 less pop advance than these classes do. I would relaly like to have planar durability but if not that add something for these classes (brd/bst/rng/mnk/rog). Seems to be mostly the melee dmg classes so soemthing like planar offense would be nice hehe something like up dmg of hits 1% per lvl 3 lvls .