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Thread: AA suggestions please-

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    Default AA suggestions please-

    Currently using Caens bo staff 44/30 /w 100 proc

    I naturally maxxed out CA/CS/ND and did PE.

    Also maxxed out Ingenuity

    Now I want more damage-- where do I go?


    or Ferocity

    or Punishing Blade? (and what exactly does that do? quad attack or more tripple attacks?)

    I am sorry if this has been discussed, but I didnt find anything that was close enough to this situation.


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    Default Re: AA suggestions please-

    You can find info



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    Default re

    Id recommend putting as many points as possible into innate charasma on the offchance that you ever start an enchanter so that you will have a head start for being able to get the longest lasting charm


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    Default Re: re

    can Quad with PB. But only effects 2h weopons


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    Default Re: re

    Ferocity is very nice I have PB and Ferocity maxed out and I would say I got a bigger improvment from ferocity.

    Punishing blade isn't just for potential quads. What it does is each round you do with a 2h weapon it gives a small chance for you to score an extra hit. It does make it possible for a quad hit but it doesn't mean maxing this your going to be doing alot of quads hehe.

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