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    okay..yesterday i got the "hedge flag" from PON <img src= ALT=":drink">

    But was told that PON B is not really for exp grouping.

    Other than killing TT, what good is it for?

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    pretty much nothing.

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    btw theoretically, if you kill dwunkin, and get the meat that drops, you can give it to a 250 GM baker, who adds some flour, eggs, water.

    Makes 1 dozen "dwunkin donuts" no triv

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    LOL Donuts...

    Yea, some of the 2nd tier planes are more "raid" type zones... Even getting to the 2nd tier plane is sometimes difficult even after being flagged.

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    We had thought about trying it for XP with 2 groups (Not raid set up). And then just fighting all the way to TT and succoring back. (The mobs mostly, 90%, spawn in sets of 2) Seems like it would be pretty steady exp, lot of 63-64 mobs. Granted this might not be the best to all the ubah's out there, but it makes the zone better than "Just really crappy" or something.

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    Default Exp in PoN-B

    I disagree, if you are at this lvl of raiding.... TT zone mobs are Great exp. Just need to have a good crew and they all can be split pulled. Best exp todate that I have found is Tactics arena.


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    Tactics arena and BoT is good xp, plus molds drop there. NightmareB is for Terris only. There are far better places to xp.

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