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Thread: Sound "feature" with PoP? Techie post.

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    Default Sound "feature" with PoP? Techie post.

    Greetings all. Going to post my experience with PoP so far as I have a tech question I am trying to resolve. First a little background. I've been playing EQ for about 2 years now. Have every product except Legends if you can count that as a product. The one thing that I have never been able to use well was the sound and music in EQ. It's always been pretty crappy so I usually turn it off altogether.

    Got PoP today and was listening to the music during the install, lo and behold, the music continued past the initial install! In fact, when I actually got all the way in game, I was hearing my own footsteps for the first time in 2 years!!! I could hear mobs walking up behind me. I could hear them doing their death screams and everything! I could even start the mp3 player from the command line and was listening to mp3's as I was beating down some mobs. I was kicking myself at not being able to hear mobs getting close to me for 2 years and not even knowing about it.

    One problem, my once crystal clear, nice frame rate video now had trails on everything! When I would turn or look at anything, every image on screen would have a trail. It wasn't that I had lag, button pushes responded well. Chat window updated just fine. Things were working well aside from the trails on everything.

    I remember seeing this before when anti-aliasing was turned on, so I decided to get out of game and check my settings.

    No problems there, everything was as it should be.

    So I started doing some backtracking to see what happened in the install...

    Come to find out, the new PoP installs by default in a c<img src= ALT=":"> Program FilesSonyEverquest dir. Problem #1. My original install is in c<img src= ALT=":"> Program FilesEverquest. Nice consistency Sony. My bad for not double checking the install location. Also explains the "Cannot find Luclin files" error message I saw the first time I logged on PoP after the install. Well I didn't feel like uninstalling and re-installing PoP. So I cut and paste the new PoP files to my old EQ dir. I also edited the registry to make sure any and all pointers to the new Sony dir are pointing at my original EQ dirs.

    Fire EQ back up. Graphics are rock solid again. Only this time, no sound. Just like it's been for the last 2 years. *sigh*

    Well I tried looking a some things, all to no avail. I was about to go post this on the Sony Support boards, but pfft. Not holding my breath from them.

    Was just hoping if anyone else had seen this type of behavior and what others had done to resolve this. If it's a choice of playing w/o sound and crappy graphics, I'll take playing w/o sound hands down. I'd like to get both going at the same time. At this point, I'm looking for any suggestions. Thanks.


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    Default Re: Sound "feature" with PoP? Techie post.

    Couple easy ones to check first.

    In your EQ directory do you have a nosound.txt file?

    If so delete it, this is 1 way to turn off the sound. Secondly goto the options before you log in and run through these and make sure sound is turned on there.

    Once in game make sure the volumn is up.



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    Default Thanks for the tip

    Thanks Tsunan. Will check on that nosound.txt file.

    Will also run through the options and make sure sound is enabled. In game, all the sound and music and realism sliders are at 100%.

    I'll let you know what I find out. Thanks again.


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    Default Thanks!

    <img src= ALT=":D">

    Thanks for the tip! That got it! Now that I look at this file, I remember putting this in the directroy. I remember trying to troubleshoot some lag/hiccup issues from when I FIRST installed and someone suggested this to kill all sound.

    Thanks again!


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