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    So i just got Wu's 1, is there any difference in Wu's 2-5 that isnt alreayd there in 1? cause umm you still just use the special attacks. I mean i normally triple in all special attacks with wu's 1, so what would be the point in getting wu's 5?



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    Wu's is currently broken, enjoy it until they fix/nerf it. L1-5 do the same thing.

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    Yes, so shhhh.

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    Actually I believe that normally, level 5 would only be half as good as level 1 is now <img src= ALT=":)"> . I trained it. Level 1 will add next to no DPS if they fix it. For now itís fun at least.

    Anyways, there is already a thread on this thatís not even off of the first page yet.

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    What part of "shhh" don't you understand?




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