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Thread: The Complete Guide to the Shield of the Otherworld

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    Quartermaster was toughest for me. 2 deaths trying to snare split, but finally got her/him alone.

    Good to check spawns after a patch. I got very lucky with a few named being up.

    Aye, i found the advisors were much tougher than the eggtenders. Pretty easy to work both at once though.

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    Just wrapped this up. The Quartermaster wasn't so bad in a group. First few times I looked (2nd and 3rd immediately following server reboots), he wasn't up. A couple more PHs and he decided to pop and drop the Disk of Kings fragment.

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    The longest one for me was attendent Jin`zhu (surprisingly).

    For the quatermaster, just had myself and cleric bot crawling from the back gate entrance (had a key from advisor kill sometime back). It wasn't that bad, made good time to the spot - with a bit of a break between respawns on the way. Took 2 ph's and he spawned (Total time from zone in to kill shot - 3 hours roughly). Can get a bit stressful with roamers, but nothing too difficult. With 3 or more (or even a slower), it would be very trivial. And hope the RNG is kind to you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Archus View Post
    In fact, you can kill 2 fellowship members, give them res boxes and flop drag them to this spot. Once the mobs walk away, they can accept res, and you can then setup a campfire and you can bring everyone else in with no clearing.
    I'm pretty certain this doesn't work -- I tested it long ago that you pop back where the body was when the rez was cast, not where it's been moved to.

    In any case, I've been camping the Quartermaster lately by killing my low level mage (on a diff acct), suspending the merc healer and dragging the corpse over to a safe spot where I unsuspend the merc, who rezzes the mage. The mage then pops a mod rod and can CotH another member of the fellowship to plant a fire. For the Advisor and the Attendant, I dragged to the "tunnel" between the north and east wings (where Stitch's Ambush takes place). For the Scale Guard, I was able to put the camp fire on a "ledge" up on the east wall - I only had to kill about 3 roamers and one of the statues to be able to pull the Scalewatcher PH, I got the named after the 2nd PH - similarly with the Captain I put the campfire in the corner just to the northwest of him, using Echo to mez the 4 guards in the line.

    With the Quartermaster, I set up camp just to the right of the entrance to this area, with a campfire tucked right into the corner. Clearing the 2 static drakes, the 2 static orcs and the 2 roaming drakes allowed me to tag the PH with my CoA tunic click, and most of the time the adds walk away before the PH does so I've just popped ID, stood up and dragged him back to the corner.

    Camped him for about 3 hours yesterday, then AB crashed as I was about to pop back to the Campfire... (and while the Guild Hall and the Bazaar were working, the only 2 other zones active were North Qeynos and the Lesser Faydark, with people trying to log in from other places getting dumped to N Qeynos... /who was saying too many to list )

    Fortunately the Mage is still camped out there, unfortunately it was still a quartermaster PH as of this morning... and, as mentioned right at the top, the Quartermaster's fragment is all I need for the complete aug...

    EDIT: Finally got him after 14 PH. I found I could also use Echo on the PH to get the 2 weaponsmiths mobs in the room (only) to come to me if I wanted to "cleanly" pull them but once I did that, the 2 statues near the PH would come every time -- as if he was previously telling the mob(s) next to him that he needed help, and without them he was telling the next mob along, like some sort of "minimum assist number" quota needed filling Anyhow, all done... on to the SoF face aug...
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