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    Default Summoned Ranged Throwing Item Guide

    250 range Mysterious Belt of Daggers - Pillars of Alra, Sepulcher East, Sepulcher of Order, Sepulcher West, Erillion, City of Bronze, Windsong Sanctuary from VoA
    250 range Many-Pocketed Pouch - The Foundation from UF
    250 range Algid Bag of Frozen Tears - Frostcrypt Instance
    250 range Vule's Frozen Heart - Devlin Rochester (Demiplane) (Very Common)
    250 range Ton Po's Mystical Pouch - Rallos Zek (Plane of Time) Plane of Time B (rare)
    250 range The Guardian's Pouch - Jotik the Guardian (Valdeholm)
    250 range Pouch of Curses - Dreadspire Keep (non-instanced zonewide rare)
    225 range Stoneroot Starfish - Stoneroot (non-instanced zonewide rare)
    170 range A Dusty Soriz Worker Pouch - Hilog Jarsath (18 min spawn timer on PH) Ssraeshza Temple (rare)
    100 range White Lotus Wrist Wraps - Monk Skyshrine Bracer
    100 range Golden Star Wrist Wraps - Monk Kael Bracer
    100 range Grand Master's Wrist Wraps - Monk Velium Bracer
    100 range Silver Moon Wrist Wraps - A Sanguine Kodiak - Plane of Growth
    55 range Bracer of Hammerfal - Velium Retrieval Quest in Skyshrine
    50 range Arms of Augmentation - Praesertum Rhugol in Sanctus Seru (common)
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