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    Default GWAN!!!

    This is a true story that happened like 4 or so years ago when I got my 1.0.

    I was trying to scrape up a few folks together to do Gwan. I manage to get a Shm, wiz, mag and myself. Definitely skiming it for what was needed to kill him at the time. But the Shm was mostly ToV geared so I was confident!

    We get to him and I pull him in and begin to tank him. Everything seems to be going fine until a move a little out of place and BLAM! He does a knock back on me off the island.

    I don't know what people mean about having their life flash before them and I don;t think I was in a situation where I felt like that. But as I am falling and seeing the islands and the chains and stuff passing me by I have all sorts of thoughts flash through my head like will I loose my place in the quest, can I do it again, am I totally screwed..think the group will want to do this again? How much did I bribe the Wiz to port us there and does he expect anything extra for helping me fight???? Damn I hate wizzies!

    Anyway, as all this flashed through my head, I see YOU WILL NOT EVADE ME QUANKO!

    Was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen. I litterally SA the bottom of the island pass me when he summoned me BACK!

    We finished.

    I have my 2.0 now but of all my EPIC fights, this one was the best!

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    i had a similar thing happen to me with my guam fight. Right when i spawned him and started to back him into the windmill he procked his knock back, now i was exspecting a little knock back like a few feet, i had no idea it was that huge and i had the same thoughts going thru my mind.

    So as i am flying all i can see is the island getting smaller and smaller, then all of asudden i stopped and come to find out i landed on another island dunno which one but it was the one straight out from the windmill, so i didnt even get to see the fight but i ended up getting back over to the island for the loot. that was one of the top 5 coolest things that ever happended to me in EQ.

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    I went up there during POP... had a wizard a warrior a cleric and me ... we didn't know the buffs would get stripped... we got to I turned in scale he got pissy with me and we attacked Warrior was donig a great job but at 50% got knocked into FP. uh oh 50 monk tank in PoP era 0.o BTW after this fight I <3 cleric pets ... I fight get hurt I FD cleric sent pet I get healed rinse repeat. was interesting but not as exciting as you guys.

    Trunt however... me and a 65 Monk went and tag teamed him... the 65 monk thought he was uuber shit we go out there find him and do turn in yadda yadda .. Monk uses all his tricks and then starts losing HP's ... he ends up saying I'm going to have to tank it so he FD's I start to tank it I am the suxors at the time so I go down fast mend keep it going finally I have to FD again and he's regened enough to do some more he pops up does alil I regened enough I pop up when he pops down back and forth til finally his mend popped again and he jumpe up and killed it... Gate Pots FTW ! lol
    have you seen my corpse?

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    i have a similiar experience of long fall + summon..
    attack one of the shar vahl guards on the bridge, jump off the bridge..
    i hit Leopard Claw as i was runnin by on accident.. i think "whatever, ill just keep runnin, im too lazy to kill them" .. i jump off of bridge am like 2 feet from the ground "You will not evade me, Ddemons!" i think " oh god, he summons" and i jump again.. it happens again so i jump+ feign the next time :D

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