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08-07-2016, 04:30 PM
I went through the recently posted thread of the changes that are coming with the August update and these are the ones that I saw that had impacts on us, or at least major impacts.


While digging through the combat code, two very old bugs related to riposte attacks came to light and were corrected for the August update.

The first and simpler issue: Normally, when your current target is defeated, it is removed from your target window. This however didn't work in the rare case where your target is defeated by your riposte attack. This has been fixed.

The second more complex issue: This bug is related to some combat code introduced in Kunark which began manifesting itself much later as new AA abilities were introduced.

In a very early effort to prevent an infinite combat loop it was decided that having any buffs that improved your chance of riposting your opponent's attacks would make it impossible for your opponent to riposte your own. This was done to ensure that two players who activated abilities such as Counterattack Discipline would not get into a situation where a single attack was riposted infinitely.

Much later, when AA abilities and buffs began providing riposte chance improvements in amounts less than 100%, an unintended side-effect was that NPCs could no longer riposte players who had these AAs or buffs. This was a contributing factor to the removal of Enrage as a common NPC mechanic as it was deemed inconsistently punitive to classes without riposte immunity.

The underlying problem with the original code has been corrected so that, having buffs or AAs that improve your chance to riposte your opponent will no longer make it impossible for your opponent to riposte your attacks. Now, riposte attacks themselves simply cannot be riposted, but normal attacks can be.

In an effort to balance this change, all non-pet NPCs have had the amount of damage they deal with riposte attacks reduced to 25-40% of the damage they would normally deal.

Additional Combat Balance

One issue that has been highlighted in recent content is the power of abilities that allow the attacker to hit every target in range. Specifically: Destructive Force, Furious Rampage, and Rake's Rampage.

Looking at the number of recent events whose challenge is intended to consist of dealing with a number of enemies at once these specific abilities have proven to make these fights easier than is intended.

For this reason, these AA abilities are being adjusted so that the amount of damage dealt by additional combat rounds triggered from them will deal significantly less damage per hit. Even with this reduction these abilities should still prove to be a powerful tool in dealing with groups of enemies.

Note: The changes made to these abilities will not impact the current functionality of their focused counterparts.

Specific Changes from list of changes to AAs

Berserker, Monk, Rogue - Reduced the amount of damage done by attacks triggered from Destructive Force, Rake's Rampage, and Furious Rampage.

Monk - The passive ability Dragon Punch has been changed to an activated ability named Dragon Force. Rather than augmenting your existing Dragon Punch skill to trigger a knockback effect on your opponent it will directly trigger the knockback effect when activated.
Monk - Consolidated Weightless Steps to be ranks 6-8 of Innate Run Speed.

With Ripostes, the second fix seems to be removing the total riposte immunity we and a few other classes were knowingly and explicitly given previously. This is definitely something that we need to look into and have addressed. Because the Return XXX lines were intentionally changed to intentionally grant Riposte immunity. I would rather that instead of them changing Riposte to instead give us and mobs a new ability that works similar to Riposte but is not covered by the immunity.

In the Additional Combat Balance, we have the nerf to Destructive Force type AAs that I've said was coming as soon as they made ours work the same as the Berserker and Rogue versions. From how it sounds they pretty much gutted any benefits which we gained from the change. I would not be surprised if the bonus from using it is now only slightly above what our previous version of DF was. And really, of course the changes won't affect the current versions of the Focused versions, because they already don't do the extra round; kind of hard to reduce 0 without making it totally obvious you're nerfing classes unduly hard.

The first item in the list of AA changes is just the above mentioned nerf to DF, and the third item in the list is just the consolidation of our two runspeed AA lines into a single line. The second change however, I think is what's the problem. Unless they have changed it to have a reuse time that matches what our Dragon Punch skill's reuse time is, then this too is being nerfed. They tried to do this previously a few times. The first time was in DoDh, when they did this and insisted on keeping the AA's reuse time at 10 minutes.