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05-20-2016, 12:22 AM
I use like 10 of the generic type 5 augs... so I made one parse with all of them using HDex focus and then repeated with HStr...

Combat Dummy Dena: Level 108 w/ 1999AC
Unity rk3, Prokev rk3 and OH 16%
HStr 884 (Str total 2026)
HDex 1053 (Dex total 2186)
Accuracy 176
Combat Effects 105
Atk 5404
Shattering Maw 304/23
/tell Rten Rten -vs- Combat Dummy Dena: -- DMG: 39556437 -- DPS: 31245 -- Scaled: 31245 -- Crush: 39129817 -- DirDmg: 426620 -- Non-crit rate: 69.5% -- crit rate: 30.5% -- Attempts: 5461 -- Hits: 5461 -- Accuracy: 100% -- Avg Hit: 7243 -- Max hit: 19240 -- DMG to PC: 0

Combat Dummy Dena: Level 108 w/ 1999AC
Unity rk3, Prokev rk3 and OH 16%
HStr 1094 (Str total 2236)
HDex 843 (Dex total 1976)
Accuracy 168
Combat Effects 103
Atk 5592
Shattering Maw 304/23
/tell Rten Rten -vs- Combat Dummy Dena: -- DMG: 110460969 -- DPS: 30761 -- Scaled: 30761 -- Crush: 109385899 -- DirDmg: 1075070 -- Non-crit rate: 71.2% -- crit rate: 28.8% -- Attempts: 15380 -- Hits: 15380 -- Accuracy: 100% -- Avg Hit: 7182 -- Max hit: 19261 -- DMG to PC: 0

Net result is that they are close, but I think HDex is slightly better to focus on... I will parse the same runs next with my h2h weapons. My quick parsing says that the good raid h2h will now out parse the best 2hb. Not a dramatic upgrade, but we will all wait to see the parses for details.

05-20-2016, 12:43 AM
Your parses look to be about 21 minutes vs about 1 hour, correct?

When next you parse, could you turn on your misses, please? It would be nice to see the accuracy change, if any. (Though just looking at the total hits / time, I would estimate maybe a 0.6% change. But that's just throwing numbers off the top of my head for the variables I don't have available.)

05-21-2016, 11:27 AM
Sorry to pick nits, but a 500 DPS difference on two parses that different in time are not statistically relevant in EQ. It has been shown that parses need to be 4+ hours (preferably 8+) long before one can start drawing meaningful conclusions. The 1 hr parse is likely within 100-300 DPS of where it would settle down after 4+ hours, but the 21 minute parse could easily fluctuate up or down by up to 1000 DPS from the 4+ hour running total.

Two sub 1 hour parses with only a 500 DPS difference is not definitive at all.

05-21-2016, 02:05 PM
I have been doing these parses for a very long time now. You are correct that to completely negate the /rng you need to hit about 8 hours. But that once you hit about 20 minutes you are in general now with in a +/- of ~0.5% (one half of one percent of the parsed dps) or a maximum sway of ~160 DPS... So while I agree it is not definitive, it is sufficient to tell that Hdex is slightly more dps but it is very close... and that where at different points in the past it used to be very clear that HStr was more dps than the corresponding change in HDex. More recently in my parse I was seeing a very slight benefit to HDex over Hstr but at such a minimal level that it was down to only parseable on 8hour plus parses and was translating to adding 100-200 DPS to a parse that was averaging 100K dps. Now it appears that is surprisingly similar in net DPS effect, that at least for my totals, there is a slight benefit to Hdex... and to quantify it, my compared parses showed a 484 DPS increase to HDex which is a ~1.5% change. And as we all know the /rng of hits in any of raids will completely exceed that margin.

I was thinking that we need to turn on and log (as suggested) hits/misses and we probably should not assume we are still over the strikethrough maximum, as our new stat does still show room for improvement, I *think* my strikethrough is 36.

I have not posted the results... but doing parsing...Unity, Enc Haste and self click crap Dark Feral Ravagers/Dakiros, Claws of Screaming Death 34715DPS, The Shattering Maw 35000DPS. I am max AA. Those were 15 min (no definitive parses) but historically there was a significant dps increase to 2hb. With better weapons, h2h will clearly be superior to the shattering maw. This was done against a lvl 105 combat dummy with low AC, I think 490.

06-21-2016, 10:57 PM
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