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08-14-2015, 01:11 AM
Patch to test:

- Implemented a new timer ID (-1) for melee abilities that allows them to be used independently.

- Monk - Moved the Echo of Misdirection line from timer 6 to timer -1.
- Monk - Moved the Phantom/Apparition line from timer 9 to timer -1.
- Monk - Moved Vigorous Shuriken from timer 14 to timer -1.
- Monk - Moved Drunken Monkey Style from timer 14 to timer -1.
- Monk - Reduced by 50 the skill damage modifier on Innerflame Discipline and its upgrades (Crystalpalm, Diamondpalm, Terrorpalm) due to innate AA increases. This is designed to keep melee burns the same (or higher) while increasing damage at all other times.

- In an effort to reduce the disparity between melee damage being dealt while under the effects of short duration disciplines, the following changes have been implemented. The net result of these changes should result in an overall increase in damage over time while leaving the damage being dealt while under the effects of short duration disciplines equal to or greater than what they were previously.

- - Starting at level 40 and extending to level 105, all non-caster classes will be granted ranks in a passive AA ability line that increases overall melee damage dealt with all skill types. The percentage increase starts at 10% and increases to 50% by level 65 for all classes. For levels 70 through 105 the percentage increase scales differently per class.

- - Reduced the precentage increase by at most 50% for short duration (30 second base) disciplines that made use of the spell effect that increases total melee damage. This impacts the following discipline lines: Warrior's Fellstrike, Monk's Innerflame, Rogue's Duelist, Berserker's Blind Rage, and Beastlord's Bestial Fury.

Innate Innerflame is the name of the new AA that boosts all attacks.


08-14-2015, 11:27 AM
Using VS and DM together is sort of interesting, though DM isn't that great because of stacking.

As for the dmg changes... The interesting part is with a downgrade of terrorpalm only, speedfocus/infusion, 7th vet, ironfist, eye of storm, heel, will probably all get a bit stronger relative to where they were before compared to other discs.

Reyla the Gnome
08-14-2015, 04:09 PM
Haha. The game is so ancient and min/maxed the patch notes are no longer in English.

Melee damage has been raised/normalized over time?

It's a nice step in the right direction to close the gap on caster/melee /autoattack /cast DPS.

08-15-2015, 05:13 AM
We will have to see how the DPS stuff plays out.

The -1 timer should make Phantom/Apparition more appealing to those who didn't like it blocking synergy.

Is Flinch or Intercepting Fist worth using now that they won't interfere with Echo?

And from the look of things now we have nothing on timer 14; should we ask that something existing be moved to it or leave it for future expansion?

If we do ask to have something moved to timer 14, then I would suggest the following be moved:

From timer 8 to timer 14 = 5- Elbow Strike / 74- Clawstriker's Flurry / 79- Wheel of Fists / 84- Whorl of Fists / 89- Six-Step Pattern / 94- Seven-Step Pattern / 99- Eight-Step Pattern
From timer 11 to timer 14 = 104- Torrent of Fists

If they were to move the ones off of timer 8, that would give a bit more dps to the lower level monks, which I don't think would be that OP'd; and if the one was moved off of timer 11 then the Body line might be useful again as well as letting whoever might have used the Through line do so again as well.

Not going to hold my breath on the timer 8 thing happening though.

08-15-2015, 11:44 AM
I wouldn't mind one of these moved to timer 14: 97- Shaded Step / 98- Eye of the Storm / 102 - Nimble Reflexes

Nimble is more useful when it's not on the same timer as eye. Maybe move eye to 14, and leave nimble and step on 14, though step on it's own timer would be maybe too good. heh