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07-14-2015, 11:10 PM
I haven't kept up with this lately. And by that, I mean in the past five years or more. What is the standard for monkly tribute now a days? I generally run as much AC and tank stuff as I can since I do that a lot.

07-15-2015, 06:12 PM
For AC, Bulwark of Honor II. (Actually, you can use Bulwark of Honor AND Bulwark of Honor II, but you may want that slot for something else.)

For HP, Strength of Body II. These stack just like the above, with the first level of 2 being 500 HP, and the tenth level of 1 being 350 HP.

For tanking, use Heroic Dex (Hero's Deftness) or Heroic Agi (Dance of the Hero), which can give you up to 20 points each. (You can use base Dex cap increase, as well, but it won't help you with tanking. It might not help at all if you don't have shaman buffs.) Honorable mention to Second Chance tribute, which I've actually seen fire on non-priests a few times.

For DPS, you can run Heroic Dex (as above), Heroic Str (Arm of the Hero), Eyes of the Hunter (accuracy), and Fury of Combat (flurry). I have not been able to parse if Eyes increases accuracy while under Auspice and the like, but it definitely helps base accuracy. If you're into attack score, there's Vengeful Aura, or just plain Str cap increase. Base dex cap should help dps similar to heroic dex, but without the defensive bonus. (And you need to actually have the stats to make use of the cap increase.)

Personally, I run with Bulwark of Honor II, Dance of the Hero, Eyes of the Hunter, Fury of Combat, and Hero's Deftness. (I also like to boost my tanky stuff, hence the HAgi.) I've considered dropping the HAgi for HStr or base dex cap, but haven't done so yet. (Base stat cap increase go up to 24 points. Heroic increases go up to 20.)

07-15-2015, 06:57 PM
That's similar to what I was thinking. Thank you!