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03-27-2015, 06:19 PM
And Thus...I need the low down. I haven't played my monk since House of Thule. I completed all the progression for group content.

So, what I want to know is stuff like, what skills/discs should I be using?
Are there any macro's I should make or have? Especially since I have more buttons to click then I ever thought possible. But I am assuming much like WoW, a lot of people are using "burst" style macros or just macros of convenience because there is a lot of skills to use now.

It seems like a lot has changed since then.


03-27-2015, 10:32 PM
Bind your tiger claw, flying kick, and stunning kick to the same key, do the same for synergy, cloud/partisan, banestrike, and Torrent (104). I also have my auto attack key set to trigger zan fi.

There are more things you can do, but these are some basic ones .

03-30-2015, 07:10 AM
Ok, cool ty. I'll be back to get more help if I need it.

Do I need a /pause in between the macros?
And is it just /use <skill name> ? eg. /use banestrike ?

03-30-2015, 04:31 PM
Ok, cool ty. I'll be back to get more help if I need it.

Do I need a /pause in between the macros?
And is it just /use <skill name> ? eg. /use banestrike ?

No and no. Don't macro. Multi-bind. All keys to fire these abilities should be their own button. The go into options > keys > hotbars and set it up so that the buttons all fire from one key. Example, you might have Hotbar 2, buttons 1, 2, and 3 all fire when you hit the E key. (Just an example.)

For the second question, if you actually DO use this method, say, for a pre-set Burn key, you would use /disc [name] for disciplines, /alt act [number] for AAs, and /doability [number] for skills. The skills correspond to your action window, while you can find the numbers for AAs in the AA window.

03-30-2015, 07:03 PM
Ugh, this is confusing. multi-bind? Trouble is my keybinds probably don't let me do that, whatever it or the later for that matter.

My keybinds =


F, s-F (shift+f), c-F
G, s-G
R, s-R, c-R
Q, s-Q, c-Q, a-Q
E, s-E, c-E, a-E
T, s-T
H, s-H
(I have the same as above for V, S, B oh, and C - Well I don't use S because in EQ S for backpedal was actually useful)


Mouse button 4/5

Mouse Scroll up/down/click
shift+MSU shift+MSD


Thats about all I can remember off hand. So I have no idea how to work this stuff into my binds. I suppose I don't have too I guess?

03-30-2015, 10:43 PM
Take a key you already hit a lot like flying kick. We'll say its on your hot bar and keyboard numeral 2 is the hotkey. Now make a new hot bar and add buttons for synergy, stunning kick, tigers claw etc. for all your short refresh abilities.

Then go into keyboard setting for that new hot bar and make the hotkey for all of them numeral 2. Now when you hit the two key they'll all fire.

Note there is some more complexity to it having to do with getting the behavior right, but we can get into that after you can follow the above.

03-31-2015, 04:14 AM
This method seems like my screens gonna be flood with hot bars or for whatever reason more complicated then I'd like. Because none of it makes much sense to me might actually need a picture drawn because when I look at my skills/keybinds page. I don't see how any of it is possible without wasting slots I'd normally just be binding anyway.
Perhaps I am to old for this game, now.
There was a time when it was just as simple as "/attack off /doability 6 (for me FD)" that was the extent of it all. Then you pressed your disc's when you needed to burst.

So I am going to start again...

I guess, what buttons do I need to be pushing? Because I don't know if the above can work with the way I bind my abilities.
I have played off and on for House of Thule (that was the lastest expansion)

Right now I ain't even sure what skills we still even use.

Right now I use Six-Step Pattern rkII. Flying Kick, Tigers Claw and Stunning Kick. I don't know if there are any particular rotations one uses but I pretty much just spam FK/TG and Use SSP on CD.

I still use Innerflame and speed focus I assume and Infusion of Thunder and Cloud of Fists ?

Defensives Impenetrable Disc rkII and Incepting Fist?

Suppose this is what happens when you leave for an extended period of time.

04-01-2015, 12:04 AM
A hot bar is a thing with 12 free slots to create buttons on. You can have up to 10. On an existing hot bar, right click on some area around the window frame of the hot bar to pull up a menu. From this menu you can set things like normal/faded transparency level and size. These setting can help reduce the screen clutter you're worried about -shrink it down!

Also on the menu is 'open new bar'. If you have, for instance, 3 hot bars already, the new one you make will be hot bar #4. You need to know which one it is for assigning hotkeys later.

On this new hot bar you've made, use the 12 free spots to put down your monk ability buttons. The order matters for the order these abilities will later fire off. They'll fire off from button 1 (left/top) first, on through to number 12.

I'll just tell you what I use and the order: Button 1 = Banestrike, Button 2 = Vigorous Shuriken, Button 3 = Doomwalker's Synergy, Button 4 = Flying Kick, Button 5 = Tiger Claw, Button 6 = Stunning Kick, Button 7 = Torrent of Fists, Button 8 = Zalikor's Fang.

If you don't know what these abilities are, I can explain.

Now lets assign hot keys. First you want a key that's not already a hot key. You can tell if you assign one that's in use because the color will show up red. Here's how you do it:

Click the EQ button and select options from the menu (or alt-o). In the window that pops up go to the "keys" tab. On the select category drop down, pick the hot bar you created and setup above (e.g. Hotbar 4 if it's your 4th bar). You'll see a windows with Command on the left which contains hot buttons 1-12. Then over on the right are the keypress and alternate columns for assigning keys to activate the buttons on the hotbar.

If you're using hotbar 1, you'll see that hotkeys are already assigned on the keypress column. You can add a second key that activates the same button using the alternate column. If you're made a new hotbar, as described above, however, it's likely no hotkeys are assigned yet.

To assign a key you click the ----- next to the hot button you want to work with. It'll change to 'press a key'. The key you press next will be assigned to that button. Hitting the ESC key will clear an assigned key from that button.

So we'll start with button 1. Assign the letter A key to that button (can use keypress column). A for attack, maybe. hehe If it shows up in red, that means you're already using A so you'll probably want to pick a different key at this point. So if that happens, click the hot key assignment again (the letter A), and then hit ESC to clear it.

Anyway, lets assume letter A was fine for the first hot button. Now go ahead and assign the same letter A to the remaining buttons you setup (1-8). The buttons will have the letter A in red now since you're using it multiple times, but this is by design. We want the A to work for these 8 buttons, but nothing else.

So.. what happens when you hit the "A" on your keyboard now? Well it depends on the nature of the thing assigned to the buttons. Some are 'spell like' and behave one way, others are 'attacks' and behave another way. Some will all go down at once on one key press. Other things wont activate until you hit the A key again, while the things assigned to lower buttons are already activated.

With what I gave you above, this is what you should see, as you hit the A key repeatedly for the first time when you engage a mob:

Hit A once: Banestrike and Vigorous shuriken both go off
Hit A again while above area already down: Doom Walker's Synergy goes off
Hit A again while above area already down: Flying kick, tigers claw, stunning kick and torrent of fists all activate at once.
Hit A again while above area already down: Zalikors Fang goes off

So in 4 quick key presses of one key all 8 abilities get used. You continue to mindless spam the 'A' key and you'll see that whatever refreshes will quickly get activated again without having to focus on playing whack'a'mole with 8 different buttons. This is where your dps goes up, while simultaneously being able to focus on other things instead.

The order also ensures that you're hitting synergy before the things it boosts like flying kick and stunning kick.

So what I do is mindless activate those 8 things with my one hot key, but hunt and peck activate other longer running things like dps discs and other clickies, when it makes sense to use them.

Some people add other things like 5pt palm and Crane stance to the same hot key, but I prefer to be more selective about when I use those, so they're a part of my hunting and pecking.

Since you really just created this new hot bar for the assignment of hotkeys, it's ok to shrink it way down and stick it off to the side somewhere on your screen out of the way. You should still keep it somewhat visible so you can see that it's working or if you want to hunt/peck the buttons for some reason rather than using the hot key.

04-01-2015, 12:10 AM
Your questions about what to use, and whether you can even use the things in my above post, will depend on your level, which I don't know.

04-01-2015, 12:44 AM
Your questions about what to use, and whether you can even use the things in my above post, will depend on your level, which I don't know.

Thank you very much for the explanation so far.

I stopped playing the game like I said at House of Thule, so I think (more likely I am still missing a bunch of new 80-90 skills from quests or group drops) But currently I am level 90.

I do own VoA I bought it when it came out thinking I would play it but when I tried to go molo I got completely destroyed and I was never really able to find a group except once with Xianzu and his bots. But the fact I spent close to 8hrs day that grinding in all kinds of places including with Xian, I was doubly discouraged so I left the game.

I doubt much I will do anything VoA related honestly but that's where I stand level wise.
Right now I am F2P so it hurts even further.

My question now is, when I do this method of keybind, is my whole action bar committed?
And yes I can resize them but its still very hard for me to see it. Its especially bad when I set up my normal keybinds I use for all my other games.

Which is why I asked if I could just do it the old way.(The old way that I remember anyway)

1=Stunning Kick, 2 = Six-Step Pattern, 3= Heel of Kai, 4= Mend
Q = Tiger Claw E = Flying Kick

More or less how I set it up when I first got back, first 5 binds short CD / most used buttons. Then its just figuring out any kinda damage rotation and making what I guess one might call the "Swifty One-Shot" ( If you know WoW at all) macro popping all your cool downs at once for maximum burst. Which I assume that exact function probably doesn't work. Lol

04-01-2015, 10:42 PM
Of course you can do it old way, but you should swap out six step for whatever synergy you get at your level, and you should hit synergy before using the stuff it mods (flying kick and stunning kick).

04-02-2015, 04:54 PM
Thanks for all the help.

I mean it doesn't mean I won't try how everyone else is doing but it just seems more cumbersome then just, hittin' the buttons. Maybe I am just used to other mmo's, lol.
Especially Diablo 3 & WoW's combat style though I don't like all the running but high pace "wack-a-mole" as you like to call it for combat is ok, though I still think there are way to many buttons in EQ. Especially when I go to the other forums and read about burst rotations.

I do use something like the following often;

/pause 1, /disc Drunken Monkey Style Rk. II
/pause 1, /alt activate 1361
/pause 1, /alt activate 945
/alt activate 7001

So I was half expecting more variations of this, when I asked as opposed to what we talked about before with binding everything to 1 button.

PS seems like Six-Step is the best I have for the level, also do we still use poisons and leopard line?

04-04-2015, 08:47 PM
I use a combination of socials (EQs name for in-game macros) and key binding multiple hotkeys described earlier. Socials work well for triggering discs and AAs which you want to occur in a certain order; key binding is good for triggering multiple skills at once or at least with the same key over multiple presses.

Socials require that you give the social time to complete before pushing the button again, and can cause issues if you have a long social and try to trigger another before it is complete.

Key binding requires that you have the skills, disciplines, and abilities placed in a specific order and on specific hotkey #s on other hotbars; this order determines the order the items will be triggered. This can require multiple presses of the same button for certain things. For example if you put both Flying Kick and Tiger Claw into the 1 position of 2 different hotbars and bind both or those to a third hotkey on your main hotbar then both Tiger Claw and Flying Kick will go off on the same press; but if you put Flying Kick on 1 and Tiger Claw on 2 of the same hotbar then Flying Kick will go off on the first press of the main hotkey and Tiger Claw will go off on the second hotkey. With experimenting and work you can bind all of the hotkeys you want triggered to a single key which you just press multiple times to trigger everything.

I find that socials work well for discs and AAs which I want to trigger in sequence while keybinding works great for triggering multiple skills at once (generally Tiger Claw & Flying Kick for us). I use 2 hotkeys to trigger my spam-keys. One has my 'order is important' and 15-60 second reuse discs and AA abilities on it; the other has my 'order doesn't matter' (or use after the former) discs & AAs as well as my key binds on it. Both used in conjunction can do extraordinary things, but require that you pay attention to what you are doing and not simply button mash.

The best you have for your level will actually be Synergy unless you are lacking most of your kick AAs, or until you reach 104 and can use Torrent of Fists & Synergy together. Poisons made by Rogues are still good to have and use. If you mean the proc buff from Shamen then sure. If you mean Leopard Claw/Dragon Fang then not so much; at your level you will want to use Cloud of Fists which spawns swarm pets. At later points,