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02-22-2015, 08:54 PM
Hello Monks,

Here's some information about the silken trillium from Bixie Warfront:

1. It does increases our Protection of the Shadewalker heals by 750 (though I think this procs far too infrequently)
2. It does increase all lifetap proc heals by 750
3. It increases our epic 2.0 10k heal by 750
4. It doesn't work as well for us as it does other classes that can up their proc rate (either to every swing or 500+%) via aa's they can activate. Our best bet is to use 1st spire with 2 lifetap weapons auged with blood draining spike and conch of the singing seas.
5. I do not know if it increases a mend by 750 hp on top of the 25% or crit 50% mend.
6. From what I remember it did not increase the heal from shawl 2.0 aug (I use the rune version most of the time)
7. It increased all income direct heals from my merc.

I can confirm that these procs combined with each other do not = the power of shaded step

1. The Silent Step Boots = 125% chance to dodge does not stack with guardian circle
2. Cloak of Realms = 200% chance to dodge does not stack with dodge mod on usual range items
3. Veiled Body III = 65% chance to dodge
4. This is with Stone of Judgement 10% dodge skill mod (this is with 350 heroic agility)

I did get hit much less but wasn't shaded step.

Overflowing Urn of Life + HoT Potion + Refuse Death + Intensity of the resolute makes you pretty hard to kill

Here are some hopes I have for future aa's:

1. Our reuse on eagles/dragons etc balance is reduced to around 10 minutes
2. We get additional ranks of infusion of thunder that also increase by a tick per rank like rogue's fury
3. Our reuse on terrorpalm, Heel of zagali and Ironfist is reduced by a bit.
4. We get some additional critical hit % ( have both a 105 rogue and 105 monk and my monk is way behind the rogue in crit %)
5. We get a reduction on dreamwalk aa reuse.
6. Our eye of the storm gets extension aa's and decreased use aa's to bring it to about 5 minutes reuse with 3 minute duration.
7. Destructive force reuse comes down to 10 minutes to be in line with rakes' rampage / Berserker versions (which are far more powerful)
8. We get a proc rate aa ability
9. We get a decap/headshot/assassinate ability

I'll post some more as I think of them.

02-25-2015, 01:48 PM
Nice ideas, many of which have been brought up in the past.

The stickler is getting past the "NO" we get most of the time.