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05-23-2014, 01:05 PM
Does anyone have a good guide for a level 100 monk with most AA's in place - I am thinking I need 2-3 socials (5 lines each) and how to set them up so that I get a decent output.

What I have now is most of my 30s or less AA's, discs and combat agilities combined, but in no particular order - and it's that order I could use some tips for :)

My socials use /pause 2, <stuff here> in all 5 lines of each social.

Advice appreciated!

05-23-2014, 03:52 PM
Just make 1 bar that has:

Zan Fi, Synergy, Flying Kick, Tiger Claw, Stunning Kick, Fang/Swam make every button the same hotkey and your good for a spammable hotkey. You want to make sure they are in that order as well.

06-03-2014, 11:45 PM
#1 Drunk monkey
#2 Synergy
#3 Crane Stance
----1. /alt activate 1235 (2finger wasp)
----2. /alt activate 469 (stunning kick, almost always have this here)
----3. /disc Phantom Partisan Rk. III/zfang for taunt mash
----4. /doability 3 (flying kick)
----5. /doability 4 (tiger claw)
#5. fist of wu
#6. mend or whatever else i need right away

I am finding that this is my best setup for dps, as long as I don't forget to hit zan fi, I like having it at my disposal when i need it.

06-04-2014, 12:31 PM
You really shouldn't be using alt activate or doability as they're slow and often won't fire.

Here is what you do....

Create a brand new hotbar that is empty, drag and drop all your abilities to that bar.

Bind every key on the hotbar to one button

IE: stunning kick, synergy, flying kick, tiger claw etc.. and they'll all fire with the press of one button.

Try this out, it will work better for you as using the /alt and doability will lower your dps as they're not always firing.

Many monks have adopted this new hotkey trick over the last couple years, but a lot of people don't know about it.

06-04-2014, 06:00 PM
How do you bind the keys on a hotbar to a button? And does that button only work when you have the hotbar is up/active or work all the time? And if you bind them all to say "e" then when you are typing tells/chats it is ignoring the hotkey correct? I am still using the old school shitty way and I end up sometimes spamming a macro to get everything to fire, and I am sure there are times when they do not all fire.

06-05-2014, 05:25 AM
The only time I have any issue with /doability or /alt activate is when I am pushing multiple socials before the first one had a chance to finish. I also have had just as many issues with things not firing when having multiple keys bound to the same button.

I've got 2 keys that I mainly use: one that has 3 hotkeys bound to one button (TC, FK, and a social that triggers SK, Disarm, & Intimidate); the is a social that triggers 21-60 second refresh items (Synergy, Partisan, Banestrike, etc.).

I have tried the second one as a bunch of keybinds, but since they were all going off at the same time they messed each other up so instead of having to hit the button once every 20-30 seconds I had to hit it like 3-5 times to get everything to go off; one social with a few .1s pauses removes that issue; as long as I don't push my other spam key in the middle of the 1 or so second that the social is running.

Rten, you go to the keys and choose one of your other hotbars that you are not using and put most/all of the items you want triggered to go on there (order is apparently important). You then open up the option window and go to the Keys tab and the appropriate hotbar from the dropdown menu. From there you can put set all of those buttons to use the same hotkey.

And yes, just the hotkeys are ignored while you are typing.

06-05-2014, 08:39 AM
I have tried the second one as a bunch of keybinds, but since they were all going off at the same time they messed each other up so instead of having to hit the button once every 20-30 seconds I had to hit it like 3-5 times to get everything to go off...

You kind of want this behavior because, for instance, you want synergy to go off before stunning kick or flying kick. You put synergy ahead of the others on the hotbar, you hit your key once and synergy fires, you hit it again and the kick(s) go off.

My observation is that some things will go down simultaneously while others will go in sequence based on whether the previous ability is already down awaiting refresh or not. One other gotcha is if something won't fire (maybe due to a shared timer with something else that you used, but the button looks available), then you get stuck at that ability and it won't go on to the next thing.

The bottom line is you have to test your button order and make sure everything works as expected. The beauty is that you just spam that key and not look down to see what you should be hitting or wondering if your macro worked, etc.

06-05-2014, 02:20 PM
I have the same control of the order things go off in using socials. By using two keys, I have far less actual text spam from you cannot use this ability for XX minutes YY seconds; as well as allowing me to choose to wait to use certain abilities when adding in longer reuse abilities and discs without having to stop using everything for a little bit to not waste the benefit of those abilities or discs. And I just have to spam the buttons less often in general; one button twice every 3-4 times a minute with the other being 12-15 times a minute (depending on when TC, FK, and SK pop).

Also, I have used the identical button order that others have posted as working exactly right for them, and it would not work for me. I would not get things going off in the right order or they would not go off at all. I think that the issues vary buy system. Some seem to have trouble with socials but are better with binding everything in a specific way, while others run socials better but only do so well with mass bindings. My hybrid approach is what works the best for me.

06-06-2014, 07:40 PM
I hate to mess up my post count, but I really appreciate these types of posts. There is nothing better than these guides that serve as a check up to fine tune my monkee.

So thank you to everyone who posts here!

06-22-2014, 10:01 PM
This button fires everything in the right order, and in a way that generally all of the abilities go off with one button press.

When I put the discs, aa, and doabilities in different orders they weren't always firing, but this way seems to work reliably.

Page3Button1Line1=/pause 1, /disc Shadewalker's Synergy Rk. II
Page3Button1Line2=/pause 1, /doability 3 (Flying Kick)
Page3Button1Line3=/pause 1, /alt activate 469
Page3Button1Line4=/pause 1, /doability 4 (Tiger Claw)
Page3Button1Line5=/timer 30, /disc Phantom Partisan Rk. II

06-24-2014, 06:47 PM
I use a lot of hotbars.... but... the main bar linked to 1 through =...

1 = attack
2 = synergy
3 = flying kick
4 = stunning kick

(5-= are not important to how I set things up)

Else where on other hotbars are...

Phantom Partisan: Linked to 2 button, and F
Tiger Claw: Linked to 3 button
Vigorous Shuriken = Linked to 4 button

For the most part I just spam the 3 button, using wsad to move around and q/e to strafe . I dual linked partisan b/c sometimes one button is more convenient than the other based on hand placement. Stunning Kick, and Vig Shur have similar refresh (10s and 6s), so in situations where I have a disc running and the Vig Shur/DMS timer is up, that button will fire vig shur.

I linked most abilities to other buttons like z through v are pull tools. G, H, and J are: glyph, dest force, crane stance. P is FPP.. Then the numpad handles our main discs involving + and enter as well.

So a burn is numpad, 1-5, +, enter, J, P - then 1-4 on the main hotbar.

Found this set up works well for me with minimal refresh spam.