View Full Version : LoN trading problems ?

Sensei Xarrais Klanklan
01-23-2014, 01:01 PM
I recently am back in game about 3 months or so now I see all the new clicks and mounts from the LoN stuff so I looked into it found one I really wanted was waiting for a decent price. I finally found it for a decent amount. I had to buy a bit of station cash to get some booster packs for the trade.

I get them all hit the trade and it says You are blocked from making trades. I ask around in game and on FAQ it says you have to buy a booster with $$ to complete registration, sucks but ok only 3 bucks no big deal, I do that restart EQ get the pack deliever try to do trade again and same thing you are blocked from participating in trades. None of the items being traded have a Lock on them I know the orginal packs you get are not tradeable I wasn't using those. I saw several posts with this problem but the dates were all back in 2011 I would have thought that would be over now.

Probly gonna end up with a bunch of packs I don't want and not the item i want.

Its really kinda frustrating =\ really wanted that click sent in a CS ticket but who knows if those even work anymore with EQ being so old hehe

Anyway anyone else know of some way to fix this ? Lastly its been 4 hours since i bought the pack I was originally thinking maybe it just takes a little while to kick in but no luck

01-23-2014, 11:44 PM
CS team has been really slow lately, taking like a week to get back with me on petitions if I'm lucky.

Sensei Xarrais Klanklan
01-24-2014, 10:01 AM
Trade I wanted is gone still no response oh well kinda wanted to be a dragon hehe Aspect of brood clicky would have been fun.