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08-04-2013, 12:13 PM
Hi all!
A long long time ago, I added a druid box to help heals and for transportation. With time, and mercenaries, the druid's job as healer is more or less over. She assist-heals on named, but other than that, during grinds, I mostly use her for dps.

Now, I'm usually parsing somehwere between 20-25k dps on my monk. A mage I have does similar numbers (this is not burning, but taking out regulars, such as shissars in Chelsith). Factor in his water pet, and he's a constant 25-30k dps. I've also an enchanter that does around 12-14k dps, again all on yardtrash.

Enter druid. I cannot figure what I am doing wrong. The regular mobs in T3/T4 mobs (RoF) I parse 4-6k dps on her. I cannot but feel that I am doing something wrong.

So, big question is: My druid does not need to heal since she's mostly grouped with me and merc healer. How would you get the most dps possible from them? Keep in mind that I am not interested in burns, just the regular grind. (For burns, I do so much debuffing + assist healing that I do not expect her dps to go big anyway)

Here's a rough description of what I do during inc (i.e. Chelsith Reborn, Evantil etc):

1) Blessing of Ro AA skill
2) Magic Dot
3) Ice debuff / Dot
4) Snare

4) Skin to Seedlings
5) The big Kolos nuke
6) StormStrike (AA)
7) The decently large Kolos Nuke

I am not seated with her atm, so I dont remember the exact names.
If people are interested, I can post the exact spells / timers. I have just over 4000 AA on the druid, she's maxed out for dmg + dot damage, all spellhastes are in, and most of her activate-able buffs are there, but not used extensively, as I do like to put her stuff on socials (limiting me to 5 things per button)

If you manage to parse more than th efeeble 4-5k dps on your druid, please let me know how :)

08-04-2013, 07:27 PM
Should really be asking this stuff on a druid forum heh

08-05-2013, 06:29 AM
Should really be asking this stuff on a druid forum heh

I think it's relevant - plenty of monks have a druid box that would benefit from doing more dps, and since druid isn't my main, it feels ackward posting about it on druid forums, but JUST between you and me, I posted it on a druid board also :)

08-05-2013, 10:57 AM
Yeah, I box alts as well, but I know I'm doing a poor job compared to what the real classes would be able to do ;p