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07-10-2013, 04:45 PM
Thanks for getting me set up Ishtass, for one.
Incoming Wall of text, long introduction and then questions.

Okay, it's been a long time since I played a monk on EQ. Think I played small time about a year or so ago, but basically in last 2+ years I've maybe played 1-2 months. I'd get some idea of a box combination, level it to mid 70s, life would interrupt and I'd quit.

Now, I always said back in the day that if EQ ever hit lvl 100 I'd log back in and grind to 100. Because having a level 100 amuses me. In the last couple years mostly played WoW and EQ2, maybe a few other games not worth mentioning, and yesterday someone said something about "WoW is/was hard" and it got me thinking about EQ. Chatting with a friend, he asked what the level cap was these days, anyway. Google search -> 100, so here I am.

Now, it's been so long I don't remember much about monks, other than a few of the discs, so gonna be learning from scratch. I've got a gimpy 85 monk on test server (so no buying gear really), 32k hp. 700 AAs or so.

Okay, questions time:

1) How difficult is it to catch up with gear these days if I can't really baz gear? I don't want to raid, just to box up some gear. Honestly it'd be preferable to solo, but I know that's probably not gonna happen.

2) Expanding on that, are monks still able to be their own tanks, or am I forced into making a tank class with it? Maybe just using a tank merc? Don't know if those are worth anything these days?

3) Boxing-wise, is a 3 box going to be able to do any modern content? Would be interesting to catch up for once. I *can* 4 box, but generally 3 is all I want to mess with. past 4 and it's too much of a hassle

4) Since he's already 85, am I going to be sitting around grinding those weak mobs forever for AAs? I realize 700 is low, should be higher before I level.

5) Off the above, how many AAs should I aim for before leaving 85?

6) Moving along from focus on the monk, what is a decent 3box, maybe 4 box with monk main?

I have a few characters available. Giving rough numbers as I'm not sure completely, but, basically. 2nd account has a 77 shaman with like 100 AAs, and 76-78 mage and necro (2.0'ed necro) with about 700 apiece probably.
Got a druid on another one at 78 ish with probably 800-900 AAs as I recall.
and lastly on 4th account is a bard at 77/78, also probably 700 ish AAs.

For that matter on monk's account I have an SK and a ranger in that range (80 at the max, don't remember exactly. I was grinding AAs with 4 of them a year ish ago).

I've got no issues making a new char to play, just giving the options I have available atm.

Finishing up a bit here now..
7) Anything I should be aware of that's changed? I know about the AA catchup but, basically anything major since last july or so?
On that vein, anything I should absolutely try to do ASAP on the monk (or any box toons)?

And lastly ..
Where do you go to grind AAs as a gimp 85? The only zone I really remember leveling a lot in is Paw, and that was all green/grey to me when I went earlier.

And with that, my wall of text is over.
Thanks, monks, let's see if I'm back or not.

07-10-2013, 05:23 PM
Welcome back

I'll do my best to answer some of this but I'm sure others will be better about the advice than I am. Some of this you probably already know but here goes...

1) You should be able to solo fairly well at 1-2 expansions below your level, but if you're going for group gear at your level you'll want some box help to take out named probably.

2) Monks can definitely tank, assuming some gear and AA. Tanking is very gear/AA dependent though, so using a merc tank isn't a bad idea if you're hurting for those (no need to gear up a tank box if using a merc instead).

3) If you 3 box and have 3 mercs, you should be able to take out modern content depending on skill/AA/gear.

4) When it comes to solo grinding, light blues are usually the way to go. It's not so much exp per kill, but exp per minute (time). You sometimes do better killing lower mobs at a much faster rate than killing higher mobs. Adding boxes/mercs raises the level of the mobs you should be killing though.

5) Not so much an arbitrary number, than specific AA's that can be a big. We've had a few threads somewhat recently on this topic that should help.

6) Mercs make it fairly easy to play what you want. Obviously you'll want tank + healer + lots of dps. All of those roles can be filled with mercs (caster mercs can burn pretty damn hard too). Utility classes may be nice, having haste/slow/CC from sham/bard/chanter would be nice. If you find yourself burning things down really quickly, you may want to drop the necro, as their dps really shines on more sustained fights (named mobs perhaps they would shine more).

7) Tiger Claw was unlinked from Flying kick. Make sure to spam both (preferably via a hotkey that does both). All I can think of atm...

As for where to hunt, hotzones can be a good indicator of where to go. I know that Royals camp in Vald was pretty good in the low 80's. I think I did a mixture of SoF zones to get to 90 (lots of good zones in SoF for that range).

07-10-2013, 06:35 PM
Thanks for response, good to know on being able to catch up a bit. Probably take me a few days at the least to figure out all my buttons again, and good to know about Tiger Claw. Interesting change.

Generally I assumed as far as 3 box goes, I'd want the monk (main, possibly a tank), a healer, and another DPS.

For a composition question, is there a specific healer that works well with monk? I seem to recall shamans being really nice. Worth choosing the sham over the necro on that account in this case?
So Monk+healer + X. If I go druid, I have choice of necro, mage, or bard. If I go shaman, just the bard, preleveled, unless I roll something new.
Part of me just wants to create whatever makes things doable as the monk more easily, part wants an interesting group to keep me busy.

I assume Monk/Sham/Bard would have more synergy than a Monk/druid/necro (or bard), based of my memories of each class? Is there some other class that goes really well with the monk enough for me to level one up? Would it be worth it to just skip the healer, at that? I assume not, but there's always a chance some class dynamic has changed.

Oh, and a last comment. One of the things I always loved was running to older dungeons/instances/raids or whatever and soloing them to see the content I missed.
I know COA is soloable these days, don't know what gear looks like now, I assume more is? or do mechanics get in the way of soloing?
And if that's part of what I want to do (where you can't have mercs, I think?), does that influence my group setup recommendations?

Hard for me to think of what everything is. Got little bits and pieces, but I can't remember what's based on EQ and what's from EQ2 and other games.

Edit: one last thing. Anyone know where I can read a writeup of the whole storyline of the last few expansions? I think I read the line of VoA at some point, but can't recall it all exactly. I remember something about different gods and cazic but that's about it.

07-10-2013, 07:16 PM
In my personal opinion, monk / shaman duo was great back in the day. Shaman provides heals, slows, lots of buffs (haste, sow, misc dps), and can canni to keep going. Bards are also great for utility and pulling. With that trio, you could do a lot for sure. You could box group content with a tank merc and 2 dps mercs, or if you can tank on your monk pile on the 3 dps mercs (though holding aggro may be a challenge).

Any expedition boots your mercs (most newer instanced raids), though you may find a few raid mobs from prior expansions that are non-instanced. Some of which used to only require 12-24 people. If you plan to do expeditions though, you won't want your only healer to be a merc. Some raids have mechanics that just can't be done solo (sisters in Demi is a prime example), but not all are like this.

Based on what you've said, my personal opinion would be: You (monk), Shaman (heal/slow/buffs), and any dps/utility. Then 3 mercs (tank + 2dps most likely best set). And on that third box, the dps will get you further if you plan not to have mercs as often, and the utility will get you further if you do intend to have mercs out more often. Bard might be best utility for your setup to enhance your dps, while wizard is currently the best dps in the game (though that'll likely change eventually as balancing goes).

07-11-2013, 01:52 PM
Your fastest advancement path is doing welcome to argath and shoring up the defenses task in argath each day you play. Seriously.

07-11-2013, 05:45 PM
Thanks for the tip. Did those, combined 54 AAs.
Been grinding katta elementals otherwise to level my alts / get used to playing again.
Gone up about 200 AAs since I loaded it up on the monk. So won't take as long as I thought to catch up a bit, especially with these tasks.

07-13-2013, 03:02 AM
Yeah, people generally just get overwhelmed by how many AAs there are and don't realize how easily AAs are together anymore (or they just whine cause they can't have it instantly).