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04-10-2013, 04:49 PM
I'm just curious about some stacking issues like:
1. Does Fist of Wu stack with item Ferocity (up till 100% DA rate)
2. Do crit AA's stack with item Cleave
3. How much DA% does the DA skill and like Item Ferocity 3 give?

4. How do you know which Disc's are on the same timer? (usually I go by if they have the same cooldown time they're on the same timer but that's not always the case)
5. Is there a way to stack discs? ir can u only do one at a time
6. OMG I have too many discs lol I use Ctrl 1-8 for Phantom, Heel of Kanji, Speed Focus, Innerflame, Dreamwalk, Counterforce, Impenetrable Defense, and Whirlwind.. I have 2nd wind, Fist of Wu, Healing Will on hotkey bar; does this ever get better or worse lol.

7. Was talking to a monk briefly early today and looking ahead to "Drunken Monkey Style" he was telling me how good it was etc. and I looked it up on Alla's and it also linked to some Tiger Claw effect? I'm always using flying kick, will that change later?

EDIT: Oh yeah
8. Avoidance cap? I know theres Item avoidance, skills like dodge, combat agility, is there a cap to all this?

04-10-2013, 08:56 PM
1) Yes
2) Yes
3) I dunno... heh
4) There's been posts showing all the shared timers...
5) No way to stack the unstackable. Some discs fire off something else that persists, but the disc itself doesn't have a disc timer, so you can run at the same time as another disc. (e.g. drunk monkey)
6) yes, you'll need lots of buttons. Some you might find you never use so you don't bother making a key (I don't know anyone who uses counterforce, for instance). Some you might find you use together all the time, so you might make a macro rather than buttons -but I have buttons anyway even if I use macros. Many discs replace/upgrade other ones, so you don't keep the old one around on a button.
7) Drunk monkey was pretty good for the levels it came out, but eventually it's just something to click for that little bit extra. It mods your main attacks, and a succession of special attacks starting with flying kick. There's an AA which get's you extra attacks off a flying kick press, and some of these are other special attacks, so drunk monkey can mod those if things line up. However, this changes with the next expansion such that the AA line only fires what you hit to start it. In other words all flying kicks since that's the thing to use. On the other hand, they're also unlinking one of those specials so you can control when that's used and use with flying kick (tiger I believe).
8) There's a thing called avoidance. It has a cap. You can see caps like avoidance on one of the tabs that comes up with the inventory window. Other things, like dodge, are skills, and you can see the on the skills window. Combat agility is capped in that there's only so many AA's to get in that line.

04-11-2013, 01:04 PM
For #4, you can find out what timers are going on from the disc window I believe, maybe if you right click an empty box. Can't log in to check right now.