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"The monk is a melee fighter who uses martial arts techniques to perform devastating attacks and influence the biological processes of his or her own body. Monks are widely known and respected for their ability to feign death, which, coupled with their other abilities of stealth and misdirection, make them excellent pullers and survivors. In a pinch, all monks can mend their wounds to stay in the fight longer or give themselves a chance to escape."

So that's what we're supposed to be. Melee fighter able to do devastating attacks and influence our own bodies, able to FD (just like every other class now), combined with stealth and misdirection (saywhat? sneak, lull and echo = stealth and misdirection?) make us pullers and survivors. Also, mend.

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(At the time) Races= Human

Monks are dedicated to the pursuit of of shaping their bodies into a pure weapon and, because of this, they shun almost all weapons and most forms of armor, They are very religious as well, and the gods are known to bless them, not by prayers and spells, but by magically enhancing their attacks. Humans are the only race who have dedicated themselves to this ascetic lifestyle. Monks seek self-discovery through trials by combat and vows of poverty, developing unrivaled skills in unarmed combat. Monks will offer advice and aid if asked, but are not push about their beliefs.

"With all due respect to Warriors, in the long run, Monks are the most effective
pure melee combat professionals in Norrath. They attack quickly, avoid hits as well, and require little in the way of material aid. And lets face it , they've got the best moves.

As with any other class, of course, Monks do have their weaknesses - they can't cast spells and can't use most weapons. Monks are very limited in their choice of armor: leather and cloth, which you buy in NPC shops; Patchwork, which is created by players who use Tailoring; and a few esoteric types, such as Mesh and Snakeskin, which are available only through monsters in certain dungeons.

Now go and use your skills wisely. Bring pride upon out class."

-- Ripley.

IMPORTANT ATTRIBUTE: Strength and Stamina for prowess in battle, Dexterity and Agility for fleetness of foot.

RACES: Human

..and so it was in the beginning:)

Originally from Rodcet Nife, merge with Quellious and then Povar.

P.S. More in The official Player's Guide regarding original Specific Skills.

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perform devastating attacks

Posted on April 1st. Good one!

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Posted on April 1st. Good one!


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barrel of laughs