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03-08-2013, 12:33 PM
Below are the details of my Fury of COmbat parses. If you want to skip the details, just read the conclusion! I pulled this from a post on tribute so it would be a little easier for peeps to find it.

Familiar of the emerald sokokar
Southing Breath IX
Might of Stone VI
Nimbus of the storm lord
Myrimdom’s Skill IX
Form of Defense XIV
Symbol of Gezat RK3
Mammoth’s Force RK3
Preeminent Foresight RK3
Insistent Focusing RK3
Spirit of dauntlessness RK3
Group Perfected Lev
Blessing of Fervor RK3
Ward of the Reverent RK3
Geomantra XI
Granite Bark Blessing RK3
Ancestral Memories III
Talisman of Celerity
Fists of Fury
Str 1403(351)
Sta 1177 (259)
Agi 1057 (299)
Dex 1223 (272)
Wis 842 (202)
Int 701 (156)
Cha 808 (243)
Atk 3831
AC 9142
HPS 104,512
Lvl 100
216% Haste
Kral’Sek with Cacophonic Shard (116+1/18) Primary (Strike of Venom)
Spikeshell with Ire of Reivaj (128/20) Vampirirc Strike IV

Parse done on Combat Dummy Geza
Total Time 29,161 Seconds
/tell Rten Rten -vs- Combat Dummy Geza: -- DMG: 330526897 -- DPS: 11335 -- Scaled: 11335 -- Punch: 328126800 -- DirDmg: 2400097 -- Non-crit rate: 78.9% -- crit rate: 21.1% -- Attempts: 191979 -- Hits: 191979 -- Accuracy: 100% -- Avg Hit: 1721 -- Max hit: 4623 -- DMG to PC: 0
Total flurries 13983 or 28.8 per minute

Adding in Fury of Combat 3
Total Time 29.165 seconds
/tell Rten Rten -vs- Combat Dummy Geza: -- DMG: 335562384 -- DPS: 11506 -- Scaled: 11506 -- Punch: 333173322 -- DirDmg: 2389062 -- Non-crit rate: 78.9% -- crit rate: 21.1% -- Attempts: 194854 -- Hits: 194854 -- Accuracy: 100% -- Avg Hit: 1722 -- Max hit: 4623 -- DMG to PC: 0
Total Flurries 15935 or 32.8 per minute

Notes: I use the Charm which is affected by the number of guildies in the zone, so during the parse it is possible that my HStr varied by as much +5. This would of course also affect atk… but over all I do not see it having much real impact (if avg hit changes that would be a sign that it was a cusp number that did matter).

The Fury of Combat at rank 3 added 4 flurries per minute which translated to 171DPS or for me ~1.4% damage increase. Which for a few pp, is actually more of a gain than I was expecting. So I have swapped it in...

And I did not use any of the clicky dps increases or have raid buffs during these parses, but I do not expect that would change the % gain in any case.

03-09-2013, 04:10 PM