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12-10-2012, 09:31 AM
Well, after returning to the game my wife and I decided to make new characters and lock in 100% xp to AA when we got to level 52, and go after Naggy and Vox until it got boring. We created a warrior and cleric, and levelled up an old bazaar/tradeskill rogue. The dragons still apparently get farmed, but nobody has been interested in Vox since the last patch so we've been tweaking our strategy and I finally had a sloppy success last night.

The rogue is on the same account as my monk, so with a cleric merc on my level 67 monk I clear giants. Pulling the lair is done with the 52 warrior, and I just pull everything - including vox, stand out in the hallway until the warrior procs feign death (the warrior version without the feign part.)

Last night, this step proved somewhat difficult as 2 pull cycles got all the giants, but an icy terror marched back ahead of Vox every time. After some unsuccessful efforts to split it off from Vox while the warrior was engaged (I tried pulling the icy terror out with my monk, which promptly adds to vox's agro list resulting in banishment)... We ended up just having to engage Vox, put everyone else on the icy terror, then see how it goes. The icy terror was cleared but not vox.

Merc configuration
Our initial configuration was that the warrior had a healer merc, the rogue had a caster dps merc and the cleric had a melee dps merc. We'd also made unsuccessful attempts Weds. and Tues. evening in this configuration. Clearing went more smoothly these attempts, but our best run resulted in the cleric merc running out of mana, but at any rate the conclusion was inadequate DPS because we only got Vox to 47%

Thursday (last night) we started with changing the cleric merc to caster DPS merc for 2 caster DPS and 1 melee DPS. In this configuration, it just didn't seem any better. It did not seem as though the caster DPS bothered to engage.

On the third attempt, while dead I switched out the caster DPS mercs for melee DPS mercs. By this time my wife was asleep so I'm boxing all 3 characters. This ended up being the winning configuration

By now it's not too hard to bazaar yourself with defiant gear up to close to or over 200 in resists, so that's where I had all 3 main characters. The warrior was the first priority so his resists were best, he didn't get feared at all. I haven't looked at logs yet, but I know the cleric did get feared.

I also will note I have epics on all 3 characters.

The fight
The final successful fight went decently, but with Vox around 15% and the warrior at 25%, I started the cleric on a CH which was interrupted by a fear. So, the warrior died, then the cleric, then the rogue. At this point Vox is at 7% but the 3 melee DPS mercs are still going. 2 of them survived until Vox's death.

It was quite fortunate to have been able to camp my 67 monk with cleric merc, this made it easier to get the cleric rezed back in so I could click in the others.

For our efforts, we got an eyepatch, 2 bard horns and a pally epic book. (Years back, I had been hosting open raids on Druzzil Ro, and I had a guide up for some time. I think I might have run something like 24 or so. I can't remember for certain but in those 24 raids, I think I saw either 1 or 0 pally books drop.)

12-10-2012, 05:01 PM
Grats. :)

12-11-2012, 02:43 AM
I haven't tried doing these in years but I think naggy / vox are belly casters. If you're merc dps wasn't right under her they likely wouldn't be doing damage.

12-11-2012, 12:51 PM
Yup. I duoed vox with a 52 mage and my friend's 52 necro a few years back. Might have had a healer merc, can't remember. We had some nice twink gear and it was a tough fight, but a lot of fun.