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11-19-2012, 11:57 PM
I"m curious to see what people like to bot now a days with there monk i personal love my shammy but I'm curious what other monks like to box with their monk?

11-20-2012, 01:39 AM
I've boxed my friend's chanter and it was pretty amazing.

11-20-2012, 04:39 AM
I use a shaman, I've had one on my other account much longer than I've had a monk. I have boxed a bard though and that can be pretty nice too.

11-20-2012, 01:26 PM
I box all kinds. Wizard, rogue, pally, shadowknight,cleric, magician, enchanter, list goes on.

I find however when I am trying to progress through content or take down more difficult named mobs (VoA T4) the easiest combo to complete this with for me is with the Shaman box.

This may however be because some of my other box accounts do not have quite as close the aa or count, or that i dont spend as much time gearing the other characters.

For me, it's all about preference at the time I am playing.

11-20-2012, 02:14 PM
I played a shambot with monk for many years prior to mercs. But with my gear and goals, I find the easiest bot now days is a mage. With 2 mercs up, I use the mage for pet, chain spell casting, and for DS. I have access to raid level gear and spells for my mage which I know is not the norm, but I find it very easy to use. My standard non-named setup is monk (pull/tank/assist), mage w/ air pet, healer merc and a melee dps merc. For named mobs I tend to just swap the melee merc for a second healer merc. The second healer is particularly helpful if you are take aoe dmg.

Without mercs, the sham was the clear winner, as I could slow, heal, and dot if I had time, and sham are great for using cani... but now days with mounts, and how silly fast mana is regened, I just let the mage rebuild as I am pulling and I pretty rarely have mana problems. More often than not, I run low on endurance before the mage runs out of mana. Taking a couple min pause in pulls to sit, and we are all at full mana again...

I suspect that if you are not geared to be a good tank, the sham is more beneficial for slows/spot heals and proc/dots. So in a wild over simplification, if you are a hard core raider, I would vote mage, and if you are a casual grouper, probably sham.

I thinik once you pushed to a 3rd box, it would be all over the map as to what people prefer.

My preferences and suggestions here are not in any way class preferences, I still think if you are starting a new char you should probably be a Necro... but just what I think works best with a monk!

http://eq.magelo.com/profile/2338102 is my magebot... for ease of comparing.

sensei savager
11-20-2012, 02:34 PM
I play monk, druid, shaman, and ranger with tank merc and healer merc. Also have an enchy and a berserker outside of group. All of them are max raid gear (or close to it) and most have all their AAs. I can pretty much take down anything I've run across. Only have sepulcher hunter left to have killed every named and barring any weird mechanics I haven't had any trouble. I've never played a mage, necro or bard though and I think that once we start farming again those are the next logical choices.

11-22-2012, 11:45 PM
I used to three box a shaman and a cleric; but here a little while back the shaman account, which belonged to an old guildie got the password changed. Not been able to get ahold of the guy so can't really verify but am hoping he just took the account back for some reason. Not like I really have any way to legitmately get it back now lol. So anyway now it is just me and bot cleric. Suppose I could work a new one up but am a bit lazy and get bored doing that lol.