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11-17-2012, 04:07 AM
Hi Monks

I've noticed that there is a lot of misinformation out there about our class. I see monks almost on a daily basis using wrong discs or weapons or not picking armor or augs or AA the most optimal way.

I'd like us all to work together to build a definitive guide on the current monk for 2012-2013.

Please feel free to post in this thread write up on specific abilities or AAs that you know we'll and once we have everything together well sticky it for other monks to see. My motivation on coming here all these years is to make sure all monks have the information they need to have the most fun and to be the most productive in the game. I don't like keeping secrets about the best ways to play our class like some other players. Free information for all!

I'd write it myself but some of my own info is dated and I'd like us to do this project as a community.

Thanks everyone

11-17-2012, 02:27 PM
This would have been really useful from like 2000-2004... but as of now, there are probably all of a dozen new monks a year that are not twinks who are PL'd to max AA and lvl 95 within a couple of months. So I have to ask if the output of this is really worth the effort? Now if you just enjoy doing the creating, more power to you!

And for the monks out there that just play poorly now... they seem unlikely to take the time to search for, find, and then use this guide :(

11-17-2012, 08:08 PM
I wouldn't mind seeing an updated guide on burn order. Especially if you include hotkey socials folks like to use.

11-18-2012, 03:35 PM
When asked about discs by one of my guildmates, this was my reply. Keep in mind, I just returned to raiding this expansion cycle, so I would not be surprised if there is some room for improvement.

Probably the most important thing to understand with a monk is what disciplines stack and what ones don't. Compound this with the fact that a lot of discs have multiple effects and it all gets pretty confusing. Trying to remove the fluff from each one and just get down to the important effects, here are our discs/AAs broken down into classes.

1: Hundredhand effects: Speed Focus, Fists of Steel
2: % Damage increases: Diamondpalm, Infusion of Thunder
3: Special Damage % Increases: Ironfist/Thunderkick
4: Flying Kick damage boost / timer change: Heel of Kojai
5: + melee damage type 1: Zan Fi, Drunken Monkey
6: + melee damage type 2: Second Spire

Other disciplines don't lock out other disciplines, so understanding those is probably about all you really need. From here, we can figure out what interactions are most important for doing damage.

1. Crane Stance: You should have the highest possible % special or % damage you can when you use it. Ironfist is the highest, but it is on a 30 minute timer so it's only good for every 3rd crane. If ironfist is not up, you should use crane with diamondpalm, heel, thunderkick, or as a last resort infusion of thunder. You should not use it by itself, and you should always apply veilwalker's synergy before using it. I recommend thunderkick for the first usage if you know the fight will extend beyond 10 minutes, because ironfist will refresh by then.

2. Speed focus should always be paired with infusion of thunder and second spire. If Zan fi is not up, make sure you hit Drunken Monkey before you start.

3. Try not to use diamondpalm without fists of steel or Kolos Fury up. If you have to wait 10-15 seconds for a proc, that's ok, you'll get more out of the disc that way.

4. Tiger's balance is like Crane Stance, in that you want to use it with a damage boosting effect. It's not as vital, but it's still best to use it with Diamondpalm in a short fight (under 3 minutes), and with Ironfist in a long fight. Five point palm gains a small amount of damage under those conditions as well (only in the order of like 2-5k damage total) but honestly, just hit it when it's up.

5. Heel of Kojai is best when you use drunken monkey immediately before starting it, then using infusion of thunder with it. However, infusion is more important to be paired with speed focus, so you're only going to be able to pair these two on a fight over 7 minutes long. Intensity of the Resolute (7th vet) is a good substitute in short fights, but you can only do it once every 4 hours.

6. Impenetrable is probably the most overlooked offensive discipline, because it's not offensive at all. However, when you use it, you gain a buff that blocks spells until it absorbs a set number of spells or melee hits. This can let you absorb some nasty AEs that might otherwise prevent you from DPSing. Try to use it as much as possible.

11-19-2012, 09:37 PM
Seems like a have a lot to learn, I just came back and many of those stances and things I don't recognize. 79 Monk.

11-19-2012, 11:18 PM
Ok, Ned has the ball rolling, lets keep it going. IMO, the next step is to divide this into categories. This is what comes to mind, for me:

-about: Skills
-about: Equipment
+-sub: Weapons
+-sub: Augments
+-sub: Click Effects
-about: AAs
-about: Disciplines
-about: Buffs, other classes, and YOU

-How-to: Pulling
-How-to: DPS
+-sub: Burn
+-sub: Sustained
-How-to: Tanking

The first group of categories is like the intro, the second is how to apply it. Anyone who wants to start working on a category, or subcategory, (or add one I missed) go ahead, and others can comment/add/correct once it's posted in this topic, and when it's all complete, it'll be posted/stickied elsewhere. (That about what you had in mind, Ned?)

11-20-2012, 12:35 AM
I'll toss out a quick one about skills.

Combat Skills

Offense - Goes up as you attack non-trivial (gray con) opponents with any weapon type. Raises your attack score.

Dual Wield - Determines how often you use a weapon in your secondary slot (offhand). Goes up only when wielding a weapon in your offhand.
Related AAs: Ambidexterity, Shielding Resistance, Slippery Attacks

Double Attack - Determines how often you make two attacks with a weapon in a single round. Works for mainhand and offhand.
Related AAs: Ferocity

Triple Attack - Determines how often you make a third attack with a weapon. Requires you to pass the Double Attack check before trying to Triple Attack. Works in the mainhand only.
Related AAs: Burst of Power


1H Blunt
2H Blunt
Hand To Hand

Yes, monks pretty much get the short end of the stick in weapons variety. These skills increase your accuracy with each weapon type. They will go up as you use weapons of the respective types against non-trivial opponents.
Related AAs: Fists of Steel, Punishing Blade, Staff Block


Dragon Punch / Tail Rake
Eagle Strike
Flying Kick
Round Kick
Tiger Claw

All of these techniques are on the same reuse timer. Once it becomes available, Flying Kick should be your one-and-only choice. It won't hurt to keep the others up, but it isn't needed. The may see use again later (after you've bought the Technique of Master Wu AA, detailed elsewhere) but they'll go up if/when they get used after that time, with exception to Tail Rake or Dragon Punch, which are exempt because of another AA. Note that you won't see both of those skills in your skills window. Human and Drakkin monks get Dragon Punch. Iksar monks get Tail Rake. There is no functional difference. (In fact, illusion yourself as one of those, and the skill name and hotbutton for them will chance to reflect that.)
Related AAs: Kick Mastery (kick, round kick, flying kick), Punch Mastery (tiger claw, eagle strike) Dragon Punch (dragon punch, tail rake) Heel of Brithrax (FK) Stonefoot (FK) Pressure Points (FK) Return Kick (FK)



These three allow you to avoid incoming attacks. Block is specific to monks and beastlords, and acts like Parry would to other melee classes. Riposte allows you the chance to return a single attack of your own when it fires, returning a single attack from your mainhand. (Not a full combat round.) These will skill up as you are attacked by non-trivial opponents.
Related AAs: Double Riposte, Return Kick, Heightened Awareness

Defense - *Seriously, I don't know all the functions of defense. I know your AC goes up when defense does. Anyone care to go more in-depth?* Increases as you take melee attacks from non-trivial opponents.

Mend - Allows a monk a chance to instantly heal themselves for 25% of their total health. AAs will give a chance at a 50% heal. Initially, a 6 minute reuse; 30 seconds with maxed AA.
Related AAs: Hastened Mend, Critical Mend


Disarm - Attempts to remove your target's weapon. Largely useless today, it is still somewhat viable for PvP.

Intimidation - Attempts to cast a Fear spell on your target. While this ability had its day, it is both level capped, and rare to fire. It does have the potential to fire an extra kick if it does work, but it isn't worth much.

Non-Combat Skills:

Alcohol Tolerance - Determines how quickly you become intoxicated. Goes up by drinking alcohol. Some raid events, and a few newer group rares have spells which check this. Some charms also check this skill.

Begging - Can occasionally get you a few coppers for your trouble. Usually just makes an NPC attack you, when it does anything. The Breakdown in Communication has a script that checks this skill at one point. I'm not aware of any other uses for it.

Bind Wound - Uses bandages from your inventory to restore hitpoints on your target. Target must not move while you are bandaging. HP inflation and out of combat regen have made this irrelevant, though several AAs improve the ability.
Related AAs: Bandage Wounds, Combat Medic

Feign Death - Fall to the ground. (This will happen weather you succeed or fail.) On fail, you will see "Soandso has fallen to the ground." On success, NPCs will ignore you. Has a chance to clear aggro completely from your character. Allowing NPCs to path back to their spawn points will often cause those NPCs to lose aggro on you. Supposedly, staying FD for a full minute will clear aggro no matter what. Being hit with a spell breaks FD. (You'll still be laying down, though.)
Related AAs: Rapid Feign, Stonewall

Safe Fall - Lessens the damage received when falling. Higher skill means taking a higher fall without damage. Skill goes up when... well, falling.
Related AAs: Acrobatics

Sense Heading - Defaults to 200 for any character in modern EQ. I'm honestly not sure it even shows up on your character anymore. Back in the old days, you could use Sense Heading to tell which direction you were going... maybe. Low skill meant possible bad info.

Sneak - A wonderful, wonderful skill. If you successfully Sneak (which you should every time with a skill over 100) you will be indifferent to NPCs while behind them. Maybe life easier for quests requiring faction (less than or equal to indifferent) traveling zones with see-invis mobs, and occasionally, for pulling.

Swimming - Determines how fast you move while swimming. Is one of several factors which determine how quickly your breath meter depletes while under water or in airless environments. Goes up by moving while in water, provided the water is deep enough to swim.

*more info needed: Offense, Defense, weapon skills, order that dodge, block, and riposte are checked. (I always thought it was R-B-D, but don't know if it's right.)

11-21-2012, 06:45 PM
I thought I read somewhere that triple attack was an offhand only procedure?

is this incorrect? does it only check the mainhand?

11-22-2012, 11:39 PM
Bixx, no Triple attack is primary hand.

Regarding Feign Death, if a mob is level 35 or lower when you successfully FD it will be memwiped, but if there are mobs higher than 35 in the area that have aggro on you they can still cause the mob to get assist aggro back on you.

FD Split Pulling Basics
1. Aggro a bunch of mobs.
2. Run back part way to where your group is camping but not all the way to your group.
3. FD when you see the mobs are near you.
4. Wait for some (ideally all but 1) of the mobs to leave.
5a. If only one stayed and that mob is the only one from the group on your extended target window stand up and take it back to the group.
5b. If only one stayed and more than one mob is on your ET window (and Imitate Death is down), call the tank or other group member to tag the mob (and hope they are paying attention and do it then instead of 30-40 seconds later).
5c. If more than one mob stays and those mobs are the only ones left on your ET window (and your group cannot handle that many) then stand up and move a bit closer to your group and FD again, repeat this step until you have a manageable number.

If the mobs each have different speed or some are casters you can sometimes split them from the others by timing your FD so that they are casting while the others are running or at you; then while you are FD a group member would tag the one by itself.

11-26-2012, 12:04 PM
To extend on what Kal said:

1) If you are FD and have multiple mobs waiting on you, press sneak and stand up. This creates a higher chance of a few of the mobs running away from you before pathing back towards you (great for splitting a group up).

2) If a mob returns to its spawn point it immediately memwipes.

Use my 2 points in conjunction to get your singles split out a little more easily, however you will usually need either a really short distance from mob spawn point to reset quickly, or a really large distance from spawn point to allow adequate time for some mobs to return to spawn while others don't.

Also note that mobs that have memwiped at their spawn point will reaggro you if another mob is nearby and not memwiped.

11-26-2012, 04:06 PM
Going to add one thing. Lets say you have three mobs aggroed on you and walking back slightly staggered to there spawn point. If you stand up when only one has returned and reaggro all three, only the one that reset will camp you.

This means that while all three of them will rush you, the other two will wander back while one stays looking at your corpse for a while.

11-27-2012, 11:29 AM
When learning to FD split and using pathing, agro radius, and all of the other tricks/tools described here... there is some practical advice to a monk wanting to build these skills. Do not learn these things pulling hard hitting raid/group wiping mobs. All mobs in EQ use the same the same rule set (with very minor modifications for aggro range and social aggro range). So do yourself a favor, and head somewhere with gimpy (to you) mobs and practice on them. It can be a lot of fun to figure out how to pull mobs through and around others. You can also use MM (moving mountains) as part of this process... to speed one mob up or to even move your target mob out of aggro range of mobs who will social with it. By practicing on the lower con mobs you can make it into a game where the consequences to failure do not piss off everyone around you.

It can also be a lot of fun to use mobs as tools for doing damage. In the SUPER old days, I would pull Hill Giants to the guards... let the guards get killed, THEN attack the very weakened Hill Giant and kill it! But you can do all sorts of fun pull tricks.

Oh yeah, also learn how to use Line of Site to your benefit when using stuff like our Mez/lull/echo line. You can basicall have 2 mobs side by side, and line up a wall or obstruction so you can only "see" one of them. When you lull the one in line of site, the other willk insta aggro without being mezed. You can do some sort of nifty splits this way.

11-27-2012, 03:09 PM
Another useful mezz trick: If a mob is only 'social' aggro, (it didn't get hit, but its buddy did) it won't aggro other mobs. So you can mezz a mob or two, and have one run after you, the mezzed ones will mem blur, you hit an invis pot and run all over hell and gone, and nothing will assist the mob on you unless you do something to it.

And a monkly crowd control trick: Like rangers ability to Flusterbolt? We have something almost as good! If you have an add in camp you don't want, drop aggro, make sure nobody is hitting/DoTing it, mezz, run away, and use Moving Mountains. It won't break mezz, so the mob will blur well out of aggro range of your group. (And if it's snared, even better. It'll stay standing where you left it until you're ready to bring it in.)

11-28-2012, 03:17 PM
I appreciate the thought behind this thread for sure. For me, Chanzan (first Dragan, then ChanzanX for after some server transfers) has been my ONLY toon since I started playing in 2000. I come and go and a casual gamer. With that said, early last year I came back after a couple year break and had various questions, etc. This is the stuff I book marked so I could find it later:

- I wanted to know what discs/abilities I should be using for my normal everyday hunting (I don't raid) to get the best DPS I can: http://www.monkly-business.net/forums/showthread.php?t=37183

That lead me to the Swami's Post about Raid DPS and Disc Burns. Useful for the occasions I try to take on a group equivalent named and a good description of what the disc do: http://www.monkly-business.net/forums/showthread.php?t=28149

For knowing how to get a T5 Merc and that once the quests are done and you qualify, you need to make sure you realize there is a drop box to switch between T1 and T5 options when you go to purchase a new T5 Merc (and not sit and wonder why your *NEW* merc is healing you like the old one was (facepalm): http://home.comcast.net/~mathadon/Guides/SoD/Rathe_Progression.html

- How to riposte hunt. While I don't do this, reading the entire post helped me better understand some of the game mechanics: http://www.monkly-business.net/forums/showthread.php?t=30900

- Not monkly-business related, but my drive to get VoA cultural (because my play time doesn't lend well for grouping) lead me to EQTraders: http://mboards.eqtraders.com/eq/showthread.php?37646-The-Ultimate-EQ-Tradeskill-Guide
I'm still TradeSkilling to get my tailoring and smithing to 300. I couldn't readily find anything that told me what AUGs to put where, what abilities (ferocity, faerune, cleave) to put in what slot. I saw Rten is wearing cultural and *smiles sweetly* am using his set-up as my guide. I will eventually match (non-raid version of course) my VoA cultural pieces to his. With the new expansion out, in the next day or two, I'll be writing down Rten's gear w/ augs so that I don't loose the information. He'll be upgrading here sooner then later I imagine.

@Rten - No, I'm not a stalker, but I play one on TV. *grins*

Useless drivel from the Guild GIMP!

11-29-2012, 09:25 AM
I'm still TradeSkilling to get my tailoring and smithing to 300. I couldn't readily find anything that told me what AUGs to put where, what abilities (ferocity, faerune, cleave) to put in what slot. I saw Rten is wearing cultural and *smiles sweetly* am using his set-up as my guide. I will eventually match (non-raid version of course) my VoA cultural pieces to his. With the new expansion out, in the next day or two, I'll be writing down Rten's gear w/ augs so that I don't loose the information. He'll be upgrading here sooner then later I imagine.

@Rten - No, I'm not a stalker, but I play one on TV. *grins*

Useless drivel from the Guild GIMP!

Well for Culutral armor you need RAID drops to fully get the benefit.

For the raid part pieces you currently want Ferocity in one wrist and Cleave everywhere else (yes it really is that simple).

You get improved dodge though range and improved block through neck.

11-29-2012, 02:20 PM
On top of which, group cultural isn't that simple to pattern after raid cultural. It only gets cleave in two slots (arms and chest) and fero in one (legs). So might as well go with those, put Faerune in head and... filler everywhere else. (For the +purity on the augs.) We don't get the options of block/dodge.

12-03-2012, 05:51 AM
This would have been really useful from like 2000-2004... but as of now, there are probably all of a dozen new monks a year that are not twinks who are PL'd to max AA and lvl 95 within a couple of months. So I have to ask if the output of this is really worth the effort? Now if you just enjoy doing the creating, more power to you!

And for the monks out there that just play poorly now... they seem unlikely to take the time to search for, find, and then use this guide :(

I am one of those :).

Hey all,

returning player here. Played a rog as main till around 2002, now started a monk 3 months back and would love a guide to help me become a better monk.

This link i found usefull for me, maybe you elder monks could rate it in terms of correctness ?

http://forums.eqfreelance.net/index.php?PHPSESSID=f2efcfd6de22f617f1bab3956e5b8d eb&topic=164.0.

Btw, am lvl 86, aprox. 1500 AA and plan to raid sometime soon (obviously need more lvls and AA before :) ).

Stay safe,

01-01-2013, 10:43 PM
I question why step 10 he mentions Second Spire. Why so late in the game? Are Spires weak for monks?

01-01-2013, 11:29 PM
Our best spire adds a flat 37 damage to each hit... it's pretty paltry at this level. That said, I always use it with speed focus to maximize the value of that +37. It's easy to get over 400 swings in during speed focus, which makes second spire add about 15k damage total.

Also, I don't like the /pause command, because it locks out other abilities while that timer is going, even those on different buttons. I use multiple hotbars with the same keyboard button assigned to multiple hotkeys for the same purpose. So I have 3 distinct hotbuttons for Synergy, Stunning Kick, and Flying kick, all tied to my 2 key for example. This has the benefit of allowing me to see which is available currently.

I don't think I've ever gotten aggro from a crane kick. 5 point palm will easily get you aggro though.

Being on the back is unnecessary and often counterproductive when you have enough striketthough AA. Pushing from the front can assist in holding the mob in its current position, because some classes (rogues) require the rear arc.

He seems to think heel is an afterthought. It's not, it's probably worth more overall damage than ironfist, as long as you get crane kick in with ironfist or terrorpalm somewhere.

Also, eye of the storm is decent, though I haven't decided the best place for it yet.

sensei savager
01-03-2013, 03:00 PM
Feels like to me with these new raids that I am having to consistently stay in front of the mob with the tank and mash dragon punch just to keep the mob from moving =/

01-03-2013, 03:11 PM
Feels like to me with these new raids that I am having to consistently stay in front of the mob with the tank and mash dragon punch just to keep the mob from moving =/

I spent the majority of last night doing this exact thing

01-03-2013, 03:13 PM
I thought they were going to remove push from the game? I know a few years ago Rashere worked some magic to reduce push and it worked for a while, then they gave every class swarm pets :P

01-03-2013, 03:18 PM
They fixed push back when fabled PoTime was new, and have re-broken it since then. It still existed, but no where near as bad

01-05-2013, 02:09 AM
I would like to know any level 95-100 Monks

In a group setting

1. What do you keep clicked?
2. How do you have your hotkeys setup?
3. What kind of DPS are you at? Weapons?


01-05-2013, 03:27 AM
In a group setting

1. What do you keep clicked?
2. How do you have your hotkeys setup?
3. What kind of DPS are you at? Weapons?

Aura: Master's Aura

Clicky Buffs: Familiar of the Emerald Jungle, Briarcoat, Heart of the Void, Flight, Illusionary Spikes, Might of Stone, Myrmidon's Skill, Form of Defense, Ancestral Memories, Soothing Breath, Geomantra, Twitching Speed, Aura of Rage.

Click on repop: Zan Fi, Second Spire+BP click, IoT if I think it won't get wasted, Heel if I'm not feeling lazy, Eye of the Storm, when I remember to click it. Thunderkick is used to boost Crane, unless using it on a name. (That gets Ironfist.)

disc window (ctrl+[number]):
Echo, Paci, Crane Kick, Impen, Speedfocus, Terrorpalm, Heel of -, Ironfist.

hotbar 1:
(1) Epic, (2) Synergy/Stunning Kick/Cloud combo key, (3) Flying Kick,
(4) Mend, (5) chest piece click, (6) Distant Strike,
(7) /assist, (8) Moving Mountains, (9) FD,
(0) /g INC, (-) Drape of the Unseen, (=) current version of Respite line.

hotbar 2:
Zan Fi's Whistle, Five Point Palm, Second Spire,
Infusion of Thunder, Destructive Force, Intensity of the Resolute,
Eagle's Balance, Void Step, Eye of the Storm,
(numpad 3) Purify Body, Decry Death, Sneak.

hotbar 3:
Thunderkick, FK/Intimidation combo key (for switching with my FK key to practice), Grappling Strike,
Origin, Tail Rake, Crippling Strike,
Master's Aura, (numpad 0) Neshika's Blink, (numpad .) Imitate Death,
Lesson of the Devoted, Chrono Projection, Forage.

bar 3, page 2: Whirlwind, Veiled Body, /corpse[drag/drop], some vet rewards, various other things I rarely use.

Other keys of interest:
numpad 7 is cycle corpses, numpad 9 is cycle NPC.
numpad 4 is strafe left, numpad 6 is strafe right.
numpad * is my voice chat.

3. Don't have any solid parses from level 100. Current weapons are crafted+skeptic symbols.

I'm sure that was way more info than you wanted, and less than you needed. Hope you got something out of it.

01-06-2013, 10:57 AM
Maybe not new monks Rtren but old monks who are clutzy!!!!
Originally from Rodcet Nife, merged with Quellious and now on Povar.

01-07-2013, 01:26 PM
Learned a lot from this topic

Ned you're slackin

01-07-2013, 02:58 PM

01-07-2013, 03:03 PM
I wanted to add a tidbit about Delay Death line of Disciplines since it's not in here yet.

This disc gives you a high rate HP regen plus a cap increase to how far your HPs will go under 0 during battle.

The disc is a great emergency option if mend is down or any healers around you are too busy to keep you alive. Or if you happen to be tanking a very powerful boss.

I personally use this disc whenever it is up when tanking because most of the time my healer is a merc and we know how much they AFK!

01-08-2013, 05:37 PM
Ok, gonna try to keep this going, so here's a list of AAs. I'm gonna say right now, it needs revision, so anyone who notices a mistake, point it out. Also, if you feel a ranking is too low or too high, speak up.


Note that some AAs in the general category have been omitted or grouped together. These include Tradeskill AAs, Dreamlike/Earthen/Phantasmic/Veiled stat caps, and stat/resist increases.

[AA] [offense/defense, active/passive] [1-5*s rating]


Bandage Wounds [misc, passive] rating:*
Increases the healing from bind wound.

Battle Ready [misc, passive] rating:*
Adds 1 bandolier slot per rank.

Combat Agility [defensive, passive] rating:*****
Improves your ability to avoid melee attacks.

Combat Medic [misc, passive] rating:*
Increases the healing from bind wound.

Combat Stability [defensive, passive] rating:*****
Improves your melee mitigation.

Delay Death [defensive, passive] rating:*
Allows your hitpoints to drop below 0 before actual death.

Discordant Defiance [defensive, passive] rating:*
Increases the cap on your resistances by 5 per rank.

Energetic Attunement [defensive, passive] rating:*
Increases the cap on worn +regeneration by 1 per rank.

Eyes Wide Open [misc, passive] rating:*
Increases the number of slots available on your extended target window.

First Aid [misc, passive] rating:*
Increases the health to which you can bind wound by 10% per rank. Without this, you may not bind wound above 70%.

Foraging [misc, passive] rating:*
Increases the cap on your Forage skill by 50 points. (If you don't have Forage, you will gain it, with a 50 point cap.)

General Sturdiness [defensive, passive] rating:**
Increases your total hitpoints by 100 per rank. (200 per rank at 21 and higher.)

Innate (stat) [misc, passive] rating:*
Increases the relevant stat. This is largely pointless at the high level, where stats are likely capped from gear.

Innate (resist) Protection [defensive, passive] rating:*
Increases the relevant resist. As above, this is less useful at high level. However, if your powersource lowers resists (such as Metal lowering magic and cold) it can help.

Innate Lung Capacity [misc, passive] rating:*
Allows you to stay underwater longer. The final rank is equivalent to Enduring Breath. Largely pointless with Faerune being on higher level helms.

Innate Metabolism [misc, passive] rating:**
Cuts your food and drink consumption by half at the final rank.

Innate Regeneration [defensive, passive] rating:*
Increases your health regeneration by 1 per rank.

Innate Run Speed [misc, passive] rating:****
Increases your runspeed by 10% per rank. Required to purchase Weightless Steps.

Innate See Invis [misc, passive] rating:*
Grants the permanent ability to see invisible creatures. Faerune on modern helms makes this pointless.

Mental Fortitude [defensive, passive] rating:*
Improves your ability to resist Charm spells.

Mystical Attuning [misc, passive] rating:***
Increases the number of buffs you can have by 1 per rank.

Mystical Shield [defensive, passive] rating:**
Gives you an additional chance to resist any spell.

Natural Durability [defensive, passive] rating:****
Increases your total hitpoints. This will effect base hp, stamina hp, and hp from equipment. Increases are 2, 5, 10, 11, 12, and 13%, total.

Packrat [misc, passive] rating:**
Lowers your total weight.

Planar Power, Dreamlike/Earthen/Phantasmic/Veiled abilities [misc, passive] rating:**
Planar Power increases the cap on your 7 basic stats. (Strength, Stamina, Agility, Dexterity, Int, Wis, and Charisma.) The other abilities are broken into 1 AA per stat. These do not raise your base stats, only the cap to which they can be raised.

Quick Draw [misc, passive] rating:*
Adds 1 potion belt slot per rank.


Armor of Wisdom [defensive, passive] rating:***
Increases your armor class.

Burst of Power [offensive, passive] rating:***
Increases the cap on your Triple Attack skill.

Combat Fury [offensive, passive] rating:***
Allows your melee attacks to critical.

Concentration [misc, passive] rating:**
Helps melee characters cast while being hit, similar to (but less than) casters channeling skill.

Double Riposte [offensive, passive] rating:**
Gives you a chance to strike twice while riposting. Does NOT increase the rate of ripostes.

Empowered Ingenuity [offensive, passive] rating:**
Improves the added damage of critical procs.

Enhanced Aggression [offensive, passive] rating:**
Increases the cap on worn +attack.

Extended Ingenuity [misc, passive] rating:***
Increases the duration of buffs from item clicks, as well as certain other abilities. (Zan Fi, for instance.)

Fear Resistance [defensive, passive] rating:**
Improves your chance to resist Fear spells.

Ferocity [offensive, passive] rating:*****
Increases your chance to Double Attack with your primary or secondary weapon.

Finishing Blow [offensive, passive] rating:***
Gives you a chance to deal a large amount of damage to an enemy below 10% health. Each rank will only work on enemies of a certain level or lower.

Hardy Endurance [misc, passive] rating:*
Increases your total endurance by 50 points per rank.

Heightened Endurance [misc, passive] rating:*
Increases your endurance regeneration by 1 per rank.

Ingenuity [misc, passive] rating:**
Allows you to crit weapon procs.

Killing Spree [offensive, passive] rating:**
When you land the killing blow on a green-or-stronger enemy, this gives you a chance to recover a small amount of endurance, and give yourself a buff to increase damage for 30 seconds.

Natural Healing [defensive, passive] rating:*
Increases your hit point regeneration by 1 per rank.

Punishing Blade [offensive, passive] rating:***
Gives you a chance at landing an extra attack per round when using a 2-handed weapon.

Shielding Resistance [defensive, passive] rating:**
Lowers the amount of damage a damage shield will cause from your offhand attacks.

Slippery Attacks [offensive, passive] rating:*
Lowers the chance that an enemy will riposte your offhand attacks. Return Kick performs the same function for all your attacks, however.

Veteran's Wrath [offensive, passive] rating:****
Increases the additional damage from your critical attacks.

Weapon Affinity [offensive, passive] rating:**
Allows you the chance to crit weapon procs.


Acrobatics [misc, passive] rating:*
Decreases damage done by falling.

Agile Feet [defensive, passive] rating:**
Gives you a greater chance to resist Snare spells.

Crippling Strike [offensive, activated] rating:**
Lands a small melee blow, and snares your target for a short time. Shares a timer with Eye Gouge and Stunning Kick.

Critical Mend [defensive, passive] rating:*****
Gives your Mend skill a chance to heal 50% health, instead of the normal 25%.

Destructive Force [offensive, activated] rating:***
USE WITH CAUTION! Makes your Mainhand weapons perform 1 swing on each mob in range per melee round. This will hit all NPCs in range in front of you, even ones not aggro'd on you. The AE swing applies to your current target, making this useful even when only a single mob is present.

Distant Strike [misc, activated] rating:****
An instant-cast, 300 range, 1 damage spell with a 6 second reuse. Use for pulling, the single point of damage allows it to wake a mezzed mob.

Dragon Punch [misc, dual] rating:**
As a passive ability, this adds a knockback to your Dragon Punch or Tailrake skill. The activated ability triggers the same spell, but with a 10-minute reuse.

Extended Crystalpalm [offensive, passive] rating:***
Extends the duration of your Crystalpalm line disciplines by 6 seconds per rank.

Extended Heel of Kanji [offensive, passive] rating:***
Extends the duration of your 'Heel of' disciplines by 6 seconds per rank.

Extended Impenetrable Discipline [defensive, passive] rating:***.
Extends the duration of your Impenetrable discipline by 6 seconds per rank.

Extended Scaledfist [offensive, passive] rating:***
Extends the duration of your Scaledfist line disciplines by 6 seconds per rank.

Extended Speed Focus [offensive, passive] rating:***
Extends the duration of your Speedfocus discipline by 6 seconds per rank.

Extended Zan Fi's Whistle [offensive, passive] rating:**
Extends the duration of your Zan Fi's Whistle buff by 6 seconds per rank.

Eye Gouge [offensive, activated] rating:**
Lands a melee blow, and lowers your target's attack score briefly. Shares a timer with Crippling Strike and Stunning Kick.

Fists of Steel [offensive, passive] rating:*****
Adds damage to your hand to hand weapon attacks, and gives you a chance to proc a 15% Hundredhands effect when wielding hand to hand or 2-hand blunt weapons.

Five Point Palm [offensive, activated] rating:***
Ranks 1-9 place a 6-12 second debuff on the target, which will deal a large amount of spell damage when it fades. As of rank 10, this changes to a large direct damage strike, which also has significant aggro.

Fundament of Combat [misc, passive] rating:**
Increases your Strength cap by 1 per rank. More important, it allows access to your Spires.

Fundament: First Spire of the Sensei [offensive, activated] rating:*
Increases the rate at which procs fire, and allows you a small limited-damage mitigation effect to proc.

Fundament: Second Spire of the Sensei [offensive, activated] rating:**
Adds damage to your weapon strikes.

Fundament: Third Spire of the Sensei [dual, activated] rating:*
This ability has several associated buffs. Each increases your avoidance and damage output, and has a limit on incoming hits. If this limit is reached before the buff fades naturally, it triggers the next buff, which has better effects, and its own limit, which can trigger the next buff in line. If these fade without reaching the limit, they *should* trigger a lesser version, stepping down until it fades completely.

Grappling Strike [misc, activated] rating:**
Pulls the target toward you a short distance. Useful in positioning a mob.

Hastened Death [misc, passive] rating:****
Decreases the reuse time of Imitate Death. At maximum, it will reduce the timer to 2 minutes.

Hastened Defensive Poses [defensive, passive] rating:**
Reduces the reuse time of Whirlwind Discipline.

Hastened Destructive Force [offensive, passive] rating:**
Reduces the reuse time of Destructive Force.

Hastened Five Point Palm [offensive, passive] rating:**
Reduces the reuse time of Five Point Palm. Currently, max rank bring the timer to 5 minutes.

Hastened Grappling Strike [misc, passive] rating:**
Reduces the reuse time of Grappling Strike.

Hastened Mend [defensive, passive] rating:*****
Reduces the reuse time of your Mend ability. At maximum, the timer is reduced to 30 seconds.

Hastened Purification of the Body [defensive, passive] rating:**
Reduces the reuse time of Purify Body.

Hastened Speed Focus [offensive, passive] rating:****
Reduces the reuse time of Speedfocus.

Hastened Stunning Kick [offensive, passive] rating:****
Reduces the reuse time of Stunning Kick. Combined with Masters Hastened Combination, your Stunning Kick timer will be 9 seconds.

Hastened Thunder [offensive, passive] rating:****
Reduces the reuse time of Infusion of Thunder. At maximum, the timer becomes 7.5 minutes.

Hastened Zan Fi's Whistle [offensive, passive] rating:****
Reduces the reuse time of Zan Fi's Whistle. At maximum, the timer becomes 7.5 minutes.

Heel of Brithrax [offensive, passive] rating:***
Increases the damage of Flying Kick. This is more effective than Kick Mastery.

Heightened Awareness [defensive, passive] rating:***
Allows you to defend from attacks in the rear arc.

Hold the Line [defensive, activated] rating:*
Increases the effectiveness of healing spells cast on you, but decreases your damage output.

Imitate Death [misc, activated] rating:****
Feign Death ability which instantly clears all your aggro. Also makes you invisible.

Infusion of Thunder [offensive, activated] rating:*****
Increases your melee damage, and adds a large proc. Is often stacked with Speedfocus.

Kick Mastery [offensive, passive] rating:**
Increases the damage of your Kick, Round Kick, and Flying Kick by 10 points per rank.

Master's Hastened Combination [offensive, passive] rating:***
Lowers the reuse time of Crippling Strike, Eye Gouge, and Stunning Kick.

Moving Mountains [misc, activated] rating:***
Pulls a target to your position, from a range of up to 200. This ability moves your target into the air, sometimes making issues in indoor areas.

Neshika's Blink [misc, activated] rating:**
Forward-moving Shadowstep ability. Instant cast.

Physical Enhancement [defensive, passive] rating:****
Adds to your Combat Agility, Combat Stability, and Natural Durability effects.

Planar Durability [defensive, passive] rating:**
Adds 1% per rank to your hitpoints. (See Natural Durability.)

Pressure Points [offensive, passive] rating:***
Increases the accuracy of your Flying Kick.

Punch Mastery [offensive, passive] rating:*
Adds 10 damage per rank to your Eagle Strike, Tiger Claw, Dragon Punch, and Tailrake skills.

Purify Body [defensive, activated] rating:***
Cures all detrimental effects on the user. (Except resurrection effects.) Note that you won't be able to use this during a Charm or Silence.

Rapid Feign [misc, passive] rating:*****
Reduces the reuse time of your Feign Death skill.

Rapid Strikes [offensive, passive] rating:*****
Gives your mainhand a chance to an additional attack after a successful Triple Attack.

Return Kick [dual, passive] rating:****
Gives you a chance to perform a Flying Kick along with your melee swing when you riposte. Also negates ripostes against you.

Sinister Strikes [offensive, passive] rating:***
Allows your damage bonus to work on your offhand attacks.

Staff Block [defensive, passive] rating:***
Improves your ability to defend when using a 2hand blunt weapon, similar to other classes Shield Block AA.

Stonefoot [offensive, passive] rating:***
Adds damage to your Flying Kick attacks. More powerful than Kick Mastery.

Stonewall [misc, passive] rating:****
Allows you to remain feigned when hit by a resisted spell. Ranks after 5 give you a chance to remain feigned even when the spell was not resisted.

Strikethrough [offensive, passive] rating:***
Allows you to ignore enemy defensive skills. Note that this, along with Tactical Mastery, have more ranks than are strictly needed. 6 ranks of Strikethrough and 3 ranks of Tactical Mastery will put you at 65%, which, with the added 35% from equipment, will be 100%.

Stunning Kick [offensive, activated] rating:*****
Lands a larger than normal Flying Kick and attempts to stun the target. Higher ranks increase damage, as well as the maximum level enemy you can stun. Shares a timer with Crippling Strike and Eye Gouge.

Tactical Mastery [offensive, passive] rating:***
Allows you to ignore enemy defensive skills. Note that this, along with Strikethrough, have more ranks than are strictly needed. 6 ranks of Strikethrough and 3 ranks of Tactical Mastery will put you at 65%, which, with the added 35% from equipment, will be 100%.

Technique of Master Wu [offensive, passive] rating:****
Adds a chance for your special attacks to fire 1 or 2 extra attacks. These extra attacks may be Kick, Round Kick, Tiger Claw, Eagle Strike, or Flying Kick. Any of those abilities, as well as Dragon Punch or Tailrake, will trigger these extra strikes. (Dragon Punch and Tailrake are not among the extra strikes because of the knockback added by the Dragon Punch AA.)

Twinproc [offensive, passive] rating:**
Allows your procs a chance to Twincast, firing the same spell twice.

Unflinching Resolve [defensive, passive] rating:***
Gives you a chance to avoid melee stuns.

Weightless Steps [misc, passive] rating:****
Increases your base run speed. Final speed is estimated to be 72% faster than a character with no run speed AAs or buffs. Note that run speed buffs, even if less effective, will take precedence.

Zan Fi's Whistle [offensive, activated] rating:****
Adds to your weapon damage. All ranks have the same 15% damage boost, while the +damage portion starts at 15 for 1handed weapons, increasing by 5 per rank, and 35 for 2handed increasing by 10 for most ranks.

01-08-2013, 07:49 PM
A great start. A few opinions I'll add, feel free to correct:

Innate Metabolism [misc, passive] rating:****
Cuts your food and drink consumption by half at the final rank.

I'd go 1-star, this is an annoyance, not power

Mystical Attuning [misc, passive] rating:****
Increases the number of buffs you can have by 1 per rank.

3-star, get a few then they start becoming less important the more you get. Last I raided I didn't need the amount available, unless that's changed.

01-08-2013, 08:27 PM
Noted, and Mystical Attuning changed. I'm not sure how Innate Metabolism is an annoyance, though. Could you clarify, please?

Also, if anyone wanted to give better descriptions for CA/CS and Staff Block, I feel those are too important for the small info I gave them. Info such as, how does CS actually work, what changes when you have more CA and Staff Block? (Will it show as more enemy misses, or more dodges, etc?) My own knowledge is severely lacking in those areas.

01-08-2013, 10:08 PM
I just mean that having your food/water last longer is more about force feeding or having to buy more, than something I consider "useful". It's a nice to have, but not 4 star, imo.

01-08-2013, 10:27 PM
Well... You certainly have a point, it's not 'power'. I misread your post, and took it to mean the AA was an annoyance.

Personally, I think it's a great AA. I was somewhat inconsistent with my ratings, as I didn't go through and rate them all at once, but as I did the descriptions. (Which makes me even more thankful for your reviewing it.) It was ranked that way because it's an AA I make it a point to buy, as a matter of convenience, but it doesn't come across that way, reading it again. I'll reduce it to 2 stars, because it doesn't actually help us perform any task. (1 star is reserved for abilities that are nearly or totally useless in combat at the high end, or abilities which are situational, but that situation rarely comes up. Which is another bad point of the star rating... Some things that actually are useful got 1 star, because they aren't useful at higher levels, but they could be useful at lower levels. Back at the level when innate resists were introduced, they would have meant something. This isn't immediately obvious to someone who doesn't know the game. Similarly, further revisions of this guide would reduce the rating on Finishing Blow, as it becomes outdated.)

Anyway, you can tell, some of my rankings are out of whack compared to abilities elsewhere in the list. Some is just me being distracted while making this, some reflects personal preferences or bad game play habits. Feel free to call me on it.

01-10-2013, 12:05 PM
I thnk everyone will disagree on a lot of things.

I consdier eatting half as much great (especialy for 3 aa).

For me Extended Inpentrable is 5 stars, for others not as much.

01-16-2013, 10:23 PM
What kind of augs is everyone going for? Because before I left I was gearing for combo of ac/hp/heroic STR/AGI

01-17-2013, 08:57 AM
What kind of augs is everyone going for? Because before I left I was gearing for combo of ac/hp/heroic STR/AGI

For me 1 Hagi = 1 Hdex = 2AC = 30 HP.

So on the old AC vs HP I view 1 AC = 15 HP.

I don't really pay attention to Heroic Strength, the returns are so small it is immaterial. I probably should check the HP regen for Heroic Stamina and add that in to the formula I use but *shrug*.

01-17-2013, 03:20 PM
I've changed it up recently after doing some research.

I'm at: 1HDex = 1.5ishHAgi. I don't have a formula for augs other than I don't use it if it doesn't have AC (other than weapon augs of course). My augs aren't yet good enough that I can choose one good AC aug over another good AC aug. I slacked in VoA.

01-18-2013, 08:13 AM
Re: Augs

Doesn't this depend a little on your function and maybe even the xpac?

Back in the real old days (Gates especially!), it used to be that we needed to "survive the pull." Honestly, since the HoT expansion, pulls in group (and definitely in raid) settings are just so damn easy, with so many classes getting pull/CC AA, it just doesn't seem to matter any more. :\ (Some UF missions had some pretty good pulls in them, though, but that's the last ones I remember.) Having tools like Echo, Mov Mount, Blink, etc. and the mob spacing... it's rare I have to old-school pull any more (I miss it).

In VoA group, so many fights were ranged (due to nasty AE), it seemed to me HP/Sta was important to survive being so close up. VoA raid, too, unless your team has an abundance of healing and can blow it healing dps all the time.

And in a raid setting, where you're usually just DPS (can't remember the last time I had a 'tough pull' on a raid), survivability + DPS is king, so hSta and hStr come into play. In fact, when I'm healing the DPS groups on my druid at a raid, if it's a lot of monks I can spend most of my time patching the MT due to critical mend... but if it's a load of rogues and zerkers, I'm group-healing a lot and Calling the zerkers. :)

I know some of the devs pushed hDex in the RoF expansion, and I further recall monks telling them they were nuts -- hDex helps some procs, but that was tiny compared to hStr gains. Did our understanding of hDex change? Wasn't there also a nerf in this area? (You can see I often browse the forums, but poorly retain what I read, lol.)

And of course, I know there are monks who prize AC/hAgi most of all, which I would think has some special importance if your raid team uses you to offtank sometimes, handle adds, etc. My team usually has an abundance of war/pal/sks, so this isn't a problem for me. In a group setting I suppose if they're tanking this is important, but I have trouble holding aggro against even merc nukers for whatever reason (perhaps I suck), so I'd rather pull out the merc tank (or better yet find a real one).

I think the answer to the "what heroics do you focus on" is somewhat a matter of playstyle and taste, as the original poster implied. I tend to collect all the augs, bank them, and try them on and off especially since they lowered the cost of the components to remove them.

It is good to see people thinking about playing monks again. We get a lot of crap and whine about it even more, but there's something about leaping through the air with a flying kick...

Ssark the Persistent
Freelance Open Raid Team

01-18-2013, 10:05 AM
I know some of the devs pushed hDex in the RoF expansion, and I further recall monks telling them they were nuts -- hDex helps some procs, but that was tiny compared to hStr gains. Did our understanding of hDex change? Wasn't there also a nerf in this area? (You can see I often browse the forums, but poorly retain what I read, lol.)

hDex use to give the same bonus on damage as hStr but this bonus was affected by crits where hStr was not. This was nerfed so that teh bonus only applies to ranged attacks because we were only being beaten by rangers not totally and completely anhilated by them.

hDex ALSO boosts Block, Parry, and Riposte which is why it is still a good defensive aug.

hAgi boosts Dodge and Defense so it is also a defensive aug.

01-18-2013, 10:19 AM
I don't think people realize how shitty hStr is

01-18-2013, 10:43 AM
I don't think people realize how shitty hStr is

Why is it?

01-18-2013, 10:59 AM
Hdex adds crit, but nothing to procrate.

Re: quadrazu:

The reason we don't focus Hsta and HP on augs is because its worthless. Here's a little gas-station math while I'm filling up my tank:

There's 21 slots for type 7/8 augs (assuming you're not retarded and use damage augs in weps)

If you were to use max HP augs in every slot (say 250 a slot, I have no idea what the max is but I don't think you can even get that much) that's 5250 health. Mobs in this expansion hit for 13k in T1 group non-named non-quest content. Lets say you have 8 Hsta on every one of those 21 augs, that's another 2520 health. 7770 health from 21 aug slots. Aka you can survive about 60% of one melee hit.

At this point I don't even look at the HP of an item. I look at damage if applicable, focuses that apply, AC, heroics and clicky ranks in that order. If you've got monks that are easier to heal its a combination of impen, mend, epic click, taking less damage from AE ramps (because we focus AC and hdex/hagi) and them knowing what to do.

01-18-2013, 11:24 AM
Why is it?

Heroic Strenght adds 1 point of damage to each swing for every 10 poitns of Heroic Str.

If you get an item with Cleave X +25 that +25 from one item is equivalent of 250 Heroic strength.

There was a belt in Erudins Burning (HoT T1 GROUP) that had cleave VII +14 (if memory serves). That is the equivalent of +140 heroic strength.

Heroic str adds a little but so little it is not worth worrying about, focus on hDex or hAgi instead.

01-18-2013, 11:52 AM
Hdex adds crit, but nothing to procrate.

Only for ranged dps now, so it's pretty worthless for us since the nerf.

I agree with your hSta comments.

01-18-2013, 11:55 AM
All incremental changes are small. I think the bottom line is that each of us has a focus... my focus for raiding is DPS, and secondly survivability. With raid mobs and trash hitting stupid hard (at 100k+ hps I can still be one rounded on many events), I take survivability to be based on avoidance (not mitigation). My goal is to survive long enough to see I have aggro, and then fd it off. In the group game, I add in mitigation since I like to tank. With that being said, anything that increases my dps is my go to stat... Hstr, cleave, haste, over haste, procs, DS, DS avoidance. Followed by avoidance: AC, H-Agi, H-Dex, Block mod, riposte mod. And lastly mitigation: which while it helps for tanking, and is worth the AA to get long haul, is just not my focus.

Now if I was only a group game player and I would probably use a tank merc when 2 boxing my magebot and a healer, and I would only be the backup tank... as it is tougher to get the appropriate avoidance to tank well (AC and stats) and still be able to handle named spawn.

Which is why my many posts have me using cultural, the 7x32 for cleave just freaking adds up. Combined with good AC and heroics... and we clearly have me on my soap box.

So in a burst of contrary humor, I totally agree with all of Ughbash's assumptions and draw the opposite conclusions :)

01-18-2013, 12:03 PM
Just as a quick poll since I haven't counted, how much hStr do you get from augs alone (or any heroic)? If we're talking about negligible defenses on raids, I'm curious how an extra 4 dmg per hit (assuming you're able to get an extra 100 hStr as a baseline for argument from augs) looks on the parse :)

01-18-2013, 12:43 PM
From Augs I add:

635 AC
62 H-Str
15 H-Sta (by product of augs with 2-3 to each H stat)
57 H-Agi
8 H-Dex
163 Corruption

I currently use an aug value system of

AC = 1
HP = 0.02
H-Str = 5
H-Sta = 0.3
H-Agi = 3
H-Dex = 2
Corruption = 0.1

You basically multiply the augs stat times the specific value, and then add them all up to get the value of the aug over all.

My Highest ranked aug is Stone of the Crystal Circle (40AC 220HPS 8 H-Str)... which multiplies out to have an aug score of 84.4 with my lowest scoring aug being Incardine Gemstone (35AC 75HPS 6H-Agi) with a total score of 54.5

If Ughbash was filling in the numbers he would might lower hps and H-Sta and H-Str while raising AC and H-Agi Hdex...

So while the net can vary, it will not vary based on augs alone very much at all... say a max real diff of ~7k hps to 150 H-Str (say 15 to hit) to 700AC.... with the other stats being VERY difficultto quanitfy their benefit.

01-18-2013, 01:13 PM

Just curious but you use a 50 to 1 ratio on AC/HP? I thought my using 15 to 1 (and sometimes 20 to 1) was an outlier among monks.

Suprised you rank hStr so high but then everyone has their own choices.

01-18-2013, 01:22 PM
I don't even look at HP honestly. AC is generally king, but I try to get one of my chosen heroics (Dex/Str) in addition to it.

On raid my average hit is pretty much always well over 3000. it would take 300 extra heroic strength to gain even 1% on that. I'd rather take my chance with dex and hope that there is some unparsable benefit to a higher base dexterity value offensively in addition to the known defensive benefits.

01-18-2013, 01:36 PM
According to dev the best offense is a good defense (survivability means getting to dps longer, or some nonsense). haha

01-18-2013, 03:27 PM
And that is why devs think we are fine. Because naked, our defense is the best of the dps classes.

01-18-2013, 04:28 PM
The problem isn't the impact of these stats on performance, since ultimately that's minimal for various reasons. The problem is getting through the emotional trauma of picking which aug to replace with the new one, or deciding to get a new piece of gear when all the stat differences aren't in the plus column. :)

01-18-2013, 06:40 PM
First I want to thank the posters above for clarifying the effects of heroic stats, and how large (small) they are.

Then, I want to thank them for proving the point, "to each his own."

And lastly, to Gorkeyah, the best comment of all: "the emotional trauma of picking which aug to replace with the new one." So so true!

For whom this guide is going to be made, the returning monk or the player who decides to give the class a try, the general answer regarding heroics is: you really can't go wrong. I doubt any of us still play monks because of an aug, or some other non-visible. It's always been about The Monkly Style. :)

I may have to give cultural a try sometime, just to have another goal to keep me going / keep me excited. New projects (like the pocket druid and enchanter I box) only keep me going for so long, eventually you need a hit back on the monk.

Now back to The Monk Guide...