View Full Version : Monkly Business Forum Access

10-22-2012, 10:50 PM
In order to access the forums, you will need a valid email account. Once you sign up you must use the verify link within the email sent to you after registration. If you do not receive the verify email link for any reason, please ask someone to sponsor you for temporary access until you can login and add a valid email account.

-asking existing users to sponsor you by posting an access request thread here
-PM me on EQLive forums for access, send to 'Nedrom'
-send me an in-game email, drinal.nedrom (this will trigger an email to me directly)
-message myself or anyone else in-game to sponsor you via the Monkly Business serverwide channel: serverwide.monkly:business


08-15-2013, 10:20 AM
I am an alternate point of contact for board access.

Best ways to reach me for approving a new username
1) PM on these boards (which sends email to my phone)
2) PM on EQLive boards (also sends email to my phone)

You can send me an in game ;tell bertox.Ishtass or an in game email, but if I'm not in game for a short period, you'll be waiting longer.

Posting a message in this forum for access is probably the least likely way to get a hold of me, as it doesn't alert me at all, though it will eventually be seen.