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09-07-2012, 01:14 PM
Jorloja wrote:

Please reconsider the agro meter.

Trying to be respectful and constructive in this post, but it really feels like some other popular MMO company's wash out dev got hired to EQ and thought it'd be a good idea.

EQ doesn't need it. No game needs it.

Part of what made and makes EQ great is you constantly have to get better in order to succeed. Agro management was a big part of that. Knowing how far to push, and sometimes making mistakes, made players better.

A threat meter is nothing but a crutch for players that don't want to learn, don't want to get better. It's not about pushing your abilities to the max. Doing more because you don't have to worry about threat. Threat management is a skill in and of itself. Putting a meter there is just.. terrible.

I know people will say "well don't use it!" but the fact that it is there will make it used. You'll have group/raid leaders telling people to back off because they're getting up there in threat - even if the player they're talking to isn't using it.

In other games I can spot old school EQ players because they know how to control their agro - both as a tank and not.

I'm not one of those "If this goes in I quit!" people, but this might be the first time I've felt like EQ might not be the place for me anymore. Which is sad, it's been a really fun 10+ years.

Please, please reconsider the threat meter - EQ doesn't need to be dumbed down to that level. Let players learn how to play.

We don't agree that it's a crutch at all. We feel it's a valuable tool to be used as needed.

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