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06-25-2012, 08:17 AM
Ok here is the goal... I have 7 cleave augs equiped and I am doing a couple hour parse with raid buffs. I will then swap out 5 cleave augs for other augs which have the exact same stats and rerun the parse. This should conclusively say whether there is a DPS benefit to using cultural with lots of cleave!

My current Setup:
Familiar of the emerald jungle
Soothing Breathe VII
Might of Stone VI
Rallied Armor of the Vie RK2
Nimbus of the Storm Lord
Myrmidon’s Skill VIII
Geomantra XI
Form of Defense XIII
Blessing of Assurance RK3
Symbol of the Triumvirate RK3
Ward of the Zealous RK3
Mammoth’s Force RK3
Preeminent Foresight RK3
Imperative Focusing RK3
Spirit of Resolve RK3
Ancestral Memories III
Shared Cloak of Burrs RK3
Hastening of Aransir RK3
Stonebark Blessing RK3
Strength of the Gladenator RK3
Group Perfected Lev
Exceptional Velocity RK2
Cry of the Predator RK3
Spiritual Enrichment RK3

Song Buffs:
Fist’s of Fury
Master’s Aura
Drunken Monkey RK3 (specific benefit clicked off)

Pure Metal Power Source

Stat ### (heroic)
Str 1248 (331)
Sta 1053 (260)
Agi 957 (314)
Dex 1113 (272)
HP 93478
AC 8357
Atk 4576
Haste 216%

Weapons Primary Kral’Sek Nature’s Brutality with Cacophonic Shard 116 +1/18
Secondary Beast King’s Claws w/ Perpetual Sharpening Stone 108 +1/18

Using Combat Dummy Ena
Parse 1:
11,091 DPS 10,996.4 by punch and 94.9 Direct Damage
163,141,196 total damage
fluries per min 30.3 (7439)
Normal Dmg 59.7% 97,335,095dmg
Critical Dmg 40.3% 65,806,101dmg 20,942 hits
Normal Hits 78.8% 77,758 hits
Critical Hits 21.2% 20,942
Average Hit 1678
Average Normal Hit 1271
Average Critical Hit 3142
Max Normal Hit 1585
Max Critical Hit 4210
Min Normal Hit 733
Min Critical Hit 1283

Parse 2: This is with only 2 Cleave augs and 5 other augs with the exact same stats replacing the cleave ones.
15,298 Seconds
10,592.6 DPS 10,503.8 by punch and 88.9 Direct Dmg
162,045,985 total damage
fluries per min 33.8 (8626)
Normal Dmg 58.5% 94,850,012 dmg
Critical Dmg 41.5% 67,195,973 dmg
Normal Hits 78.8% 82,001
Critical Hits 21.2% 22,100
Average Hit 1578
Average Normal Hit 1172
Average Critical Hit 3040
Max Normal Hit 1485
Max Critical Hit 4110
Min Normal Hit 633
Min Critical Hit 1183

Ok where to start!
What did not change...
Critical and Normal % of hits by % stayed exactly the same

What Changed and seem intentional:
Average Hit
Average Normal Hit
Average Critical Hit
Max Normal Hit
Max Critical Hit
Min Normal Hit
Min Critical Hit
All of these basically went up by ~100

What changed and I have no clue why so much on 4hour+ parses
Critical Damage was 1.2% up not using the cleave augs... though the % of critical hits stayed the same
Fluries per minute were 10% higher NOT using cleave augs *I am suspicious that there may be a stacking effect impacting fluries, since I would not expect exactly a 3% difference otherwise*

Bottom line has to be that DPS on a long term parse was 498 damage higher using 7 cleave augs. I have to say that to me the benefit of the net bonus to go to to Ostentatious T4 is:
+71 AC
Neg 2 HStr
Neg 2 HDex
Neg 2 HSta
+58 FK
+50 Kick

I am not sure if those stats make it worthwhile to give up ~500DPS in my opinion. Granted there are some ancilary points like which charm to use if you use cultural (the monk armor only one sorta sucks then) and not maxing out the Type 15 Aug for your chest (cultural caps at 70%). But all said and done, there is really not no single thing that is debatable which is going to add 500 DPS to you all of the time.

As a musing thought, with the min normal hit being 100 higher, I would expect that the more AC a mob has, the more pronounced the benefit to using all cultural will be. Also as is always the case, the faster you swing, the happier you will be with this.

Be interested to hear your feeback and thoughts all~!

Pure speculation... but I read the 100 increase to say that for some reason we cap at getting benefit of using cleave augs at 6 (the 4 extra at +25 = 100). But that is totally me guessing and no parsing to prove it.

06-25-2012, 10:52 AM
Pretty sure someone had already parsed the fact that they stack. I'll try to find the thread when I get a break at work, but more parses certainly won't hurt.

06-25-2012, 12:22 PM
I posted a thread showing they stacked with no buffs and older weapons. The no buffs made it tough to tell if the benefit was provided by the buff or the aug. As in, it was effecting max min hit, and it was not clear if buffs would act in the exact same way or what that would translate to in a actual real world scenario. Additionally, SOE has said the stacking was unintended and they planned to fix it one day. This parse is intended to hopefully demonstrate that they do stack still and it translates into XXX DPS by using the max count. With 10 mins into the 2nd parse it *looks* like the lower cleave is parsing about 500 DPS below the max cleave one. But of couse the RNG is so twitchy that it will take a couple of hours to really know!