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06-02-2012, 07:24 PM
These are a set of parses designed to measure the effect of BASE dexterity. I had NO AA put into base dex when I started this. And I banked 50AA… then ran the parse with the following Buffs:

Short Term Buffs:
Tigers Balance Rk3
Drunken Monkey RK3
Fists of Fury
Infusion of Thunder
Zan Fi’s Whistle
Second Spire

Long term buffs
Familiar of the emerald Jungle
Perfected Lev
Soothing Breath VII
Might of Stone VI
Nimbus of the Storm Lord
Myridon’s skill VIII
Geomantra XI
Hastening of Aranir RK3
Form of Defense XIII
Ancient Power (overhaste 10%)
Armor of Vie RK3
Blessing of Assurance RK3
Credence RK2
Cry of the Predator RK3
Unity RK3.

Obviously not all of these buffs will mater, but for completeness I am listing them all!

Base Stats
4282 ATK
Stat Total/Heroic
Str 1253/336
Sta 1052/259
Agi 872/314
Dex 1043/277

I am using Kral'Sek, Natures Brutality in primary with Cacophonic Shard 116 +1 /18 Procs are Strike of Venom IV
Secondary is Beast King's Claws with Perpetual Sharpening Stone 108 +1 /18 Proc is Strike of Disease IV
I am using Metal Power Source

With these stats I ran the following Parse:
Fight Length 9407 Seconds
Total DPS with just melee 16,883
Total Damage 158,814,051
Normal Damage 61.4% Crit Dmg 38.6
4540 Flurries or 29 flurries per minute
Avg Hit 2460
Avg Normal hit 1884
Avg Critical Hit 4782
Max Normal Hit 5975
Max Critical Hit 10420
Min Normal Hit 467
Min Critical 1636
Proc Damage
2,505,000 or 266.3DPS
2062 Procs
13.1519 Procs per minute

I spent 49AA and got 5 ranks of Earthen Artistry and 8 ranks of Dreamlink Cunning
Which Raised my Dex numbers to:
1108/277 or a net change of +65 Base Dex
Every other stats stayed exactly the same!

Fight Length 10008 Seconds
Total Damage 16,992DPS
Total Damage 170,055,131
Normal Damage 60.7% Crit Damage 39.3%
4953 Fluries or 29.7 Flurries per minute
Average Hit 2483
Average Normal 1892
Average Critical 4795
Max Normal 5975
Max Critical 10420
Min Normal 467
Min Critical 1636
Proc Damage
2,721,954 or 272DPS
2282 Procs
13.6811 Procs per minute

What does this all mean…
Damn good question.
109 DPS Increase
A very slightly higher proc rate (1 extra proc per 2 mins)… low enough that it is not distinguishable from RNG variance
A very slight higher chance of flurry 0.7 per minute higher… also low enough to be RNG variable
Min and Max absolutes stayed the same…

Overall I think I have to say Dex is not really worth a damn thing. Please let me know your thoughts!

And I am interested if anyone has similar parses to see whether my 7 Cleave Augs actually still effect my DPS. And I am feeling lazy on swapping them all out to parse it myself!

06-02-2012, 09:18 PM
Has anyone parsed Heroic Strength / Base Strength?

06-02-2012, 10:28 PM
The standard wisdom is that HStr/10 Adds +1 to your min and max hit and correspondingly +1 to your max crit. Where HDex/10 adds +1 to your MAX hit and +3 to your max crit... with NO effect on your min hit.

06-21-2012, 02:07 PM
2 DPS per aa!

06-21-2012, 05:21 PM
Which is particularly sad as a % gain... 2/16883 = 0.012% increase per AA!