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05-30-2012, 11:10 PM
simple/semi-quick background:

I came back and my shaman was missing (duo partner), so I'm currently working on one from an old account, it's up to lvl 82 (soon 83) and about 950 aa's concentrating on healing aa's along w/ planar power and other shaman basics. I'm planning on starting to explore some content I missed once the shaman gets near 86 & 1,700 aa's, so for the time being i'm duoing in old Hot Zones (Verg Mines/Ashengate/etc...)

I spend most of my time duo'ing as I am still shaking off some cobwebs and plan on doing this for awhile (as I get used to new zones). I am a silver player, but I've unlocked all rk. II items, inv. slots, up to 4,000 aa's (currently), couple merc slots, etc...

My gear will be a subject another day as I'm not going to show my 'upgrades' yet as they are pitiful as coming back to unusable gear sucks, but also leaving it up for now so I can compare to it later as I start really getting upgrades.

I last played in SoD expansion and left before Underfoot, basically i was duo'n (w/ mercs) up through Korafax, but I understand now that this won't be possible soon as I progress....

Anywho, if you see something drastic i'm missing I'd really appreciate some advice, along with upcoming discs I need to keep an eye out for. (currently near 2,500 aa's)

Thanks in advance.