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07-18-2011, 09:41 PM
As I stated at Fan Faire, no nerf is ever going to make the respective class happy. No class ever feels like they're doing too much DPS. Ever.

We have to make the changes we feel are necessary knowing full well the players are sometimes going to rip us a new one for it. I won't try to tell you we get it right every time, because we both know we don't, but that WILL NOT prevent us from trying to do what we think is right, nor will people yelling and screaming on the forums. This game is not designed at the whims of the loudest or most angry posters. We have analyzed the data we have gathered, and have made decisions based upon that data. We as a team poured over the data we had, and had SEVERAL meetings on the subject to come to the decision Aristo implemented. Is our data flawed? Possibly. Is this situation being overblown here? Also possible.

As I stated at Fan Faire, we have to go on the data we receive and data we gather ourselves, but here's a reality check; No amount of testing we can do will ever match everyone else exactly. Every guild is different. Every raid is different and will give different results. So while we can do exhaustive testing, we (EQ Devs) can never get the same results you will putting 54 people together playing at your optimal level.

I will say this: There isn't 1 person on this team who will say they are right 100 percent of the time, nor is there anyone on this team who won't reverse an incorrect decision should the data prove it so. We feel we're making the correct decision on this. Prove us wrong and we'll be HAPPY to address it again. But simply posting here in big red text isn't proving anything other than you know how to change font size and color.

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