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06-23-2011, 02:53 PM
Rasper_Helpdesk wrote:

Takken_Fuzzyfoot wrote:

Group of 6, 5 not in any fellowship (make it easy), 1 in a fellowship (I call him bob) with 8 others.

Group kills a mob. Speaking simply, the exp for that kill is 1000. I'm ignoring bonuses for simplicity.

How does this split? Each person in group gets 1000/6, AND each person in fellowship gets 1000/6?

First the 1000 is split in group (assuming all in group are same level), Bob is granted a share of 167. Then since Bob is in a fellowship of 9 (assuming they are all equal level), it is split 9 ways. Bob gets 18.5 xp, as do each of the other 8 in fellowship.

Correct. It does not impact in any way the XP gained by people in a group that aren't in that fellowship.

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