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04-03-2010, 02:11 PM
Leerah-Tunary wrote:

Manual adjustments...

Wouldn't it have been more efficient to fix the people who weren't updated and complained rather than ax everyone else and have to do 3x as many petitions manually?

Some other solution must be implemented. The losers outnumber the gainers 4:1.

Lee of Quellious

Unfortunately, the original system was very difficult to deal with, so we upgraded the system to use the same system our other games use so the mechanism to address problems was familiar to all involved. Now we just need to clean up the remaining issues (which is much easier than it was before). It's unfortunate these weren't caught before we switched it over. But the time to fix this shouldn't be months like before, but days.

More at the official EQ Forums (http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/posts/list.m?topic_id=154211&post_id=2432935#2432935)