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03-31-2010, 10:40 AM
Survey_ wrote:

Dev-Ngreth wrote:

yes. If you have 2 foci on the same piece of gear only one will fire.The current type 3 are extremely restrictive to mitigate this... so you only have this "issue" where you have two foci's that would affect the same spell. SO... for example. an increased damage type 3 would conflict with an decreased mana reduction on the same item if that decreased mana reduction would affect that spell. You will only get ONE of them. It is not clear which one the code will choose, but it will only do the first one it finds.

Your best bet is to put them on items where it will be unique... say you have a generic cold focus and a type 3 that increases a fire spell. Since neither can be triggered by the same spell, you are clear of any conflicts.

What are you talking about?

id 82146 - Volcanic Farcaster Stone + id 50439 - Elaborate Adept's Ring

Cast buff on target, move away from target until you get oor message, put ring on. Ring clearly extends Range and increases duration of the buff. Those focus chosen because it's abundantly clear when they work as opposed to a random value pres focus.

Maybe you've broken something recently, I'll test some stuff tonight.

hrm. maybe it is properly treating the aug as a seperate item... and not "rolling" it into the main item, despite the effect showing on the main item.

You can definitely have more than one item "trigger" from the same spell. It just gets weird when there are multiple foci on the same item.

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