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02-26-2010, 04:40 PM
Cyrz wrote:

Zatozia, I think you are solving the question from the wrong end.

People who post topics like that don't understand the point of a topic title. I've done it myself, on occasion- you get caught up in what you have to day, and forget to accurately, concisely summarize it.

You'd end up with "Question: Why did the devs do this" or, to use an real world example- "Rant: Underfoot... BOO".

Don't get me wrong, tags can be great, if used properly. Used improperly, not so much. If people already post in the wrong forum, with a poor title, wouldn't they also be likely to post wrong or inaccurate tags?

True but I suppose regardless of any changes made people would find a way to do it wrong! hee

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