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08-28-2009, 11:10 AM
quseio wrote:

We get elemental damage on the war only weapons. Personally that is much more important to me than a big proc that may or may not fire when I need it. The elemental damage gives us a better ratio, so more swing aggro while keeping our dps in line. I don't have the benefit of waiting 30 seconds for a proc to fire before the dps can join in. The mob should already be over half dead at that point.

And yes, I have tanked mobs with 0 endurance. We have tools to make it possible. Easy? Not really. But possible. Certainly alot easier than a wizard nuking a mob when they have 0 mana.

arent elemental dmg really prone to being resisted ? and wizards can nuke wo mana they got a aa nuke


against the majority, say 95%, of basepop, elemental damage lands 66% of the time... and when we do our math for balancing the rations... we assume 50% land rate. So generally you are getting BETTER than we plan for.

Now. The side of that is... if you have an NPC with a high resist in that particular resist, then it WILL start getting resisted more. This is more normally true for rares and raid mobs. Generally though, even on these, the mobs are not high resist to all resist types... so it may pay to swap weapons around. Again there are exceptions here, and some rares and raid mobs are all but immune to all magic, and they would likely resist the elemental as well.

And in general, raid bosses more often have higher resists to all spell damage types... So yes these weapons more often have issues with raid bosses. BUT... they still generate all of the hate, which is a large majority of the reason for it on the warrior only weapons... there is that periodic sacrifice of damage, for the always there extra hate that is generated by these weapons.

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