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08-20-2009, 11:00 AM
What I may do... is create a new poison , make the existing potions no rent for people that used an obvious exploit, and the new poison be what is intended. Yes. it means someone can log in once a day to get a "weekend" supply. Which is not what is intended with this item, but is a reasonable use of it.

I am also thinking of making it summon MORE for rogues so it is more useful for rogues. (to answer some questions I am sure will come up, I cannot make it a different re-cast timer for rogues... without making it a different item, which does not work really well with LoN. Because of this, just having it summon some amount in a stack is the more feasible solution.)

Note the may and consider in here. I am not sure I will be doing this. I have not done the full research. I seem to remember making a special version of the poison, and if I did, then I can do this. If I just used the normal poison, I cannot get away with this, and I will just have to leave it.

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