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03-24-2008, 02:03 PM
I recently maxed out my AAs and I had a question about the expendable glyph AAs as to what they do exactly.

Some of them seem easy enough to figure out. Angry Thoughts is an agro booster and Draconic Potential is a stackable HP buff. My question is mainly concerning Glyph of Courage and Destruction.

Courage, according to the spell data, increases critical DoT, spell, healing, HoT, and 15% to all damage. I'm just taking a wild jab, but I wanted to make sure: this sticks to the one spell modding rule? Meaning, it won't act in accumilation with Mammoth and Champ.

Destruction is critical damage mob(50), which seems like a better version of the Zerker aura, but less than the Shaman epic click. I have the same question on this one: does it stack? Also, it's entered 6 times, plus it has an Unknown #375 (100/150/0). Any idea what that means?

Thanks for any information anyone can offer.

03-24-2008, 03:27 PM
Newbie ... don't you have a class leader or someone who can use a nice Powerpoint presentation to answer your questions ?

Courage is like a mini 7th year AA and the melee damage modifier certainly doesn't stack with Mammoth (or with scaledfist/innerflame for that matter).

The chance to crit won't stack with others, highest takes precedence.

Glyph of Destruction - http://www.antonius-bayle.org/kumbaja/spells/spell_view.php?id=9479. So it doesn't really stack with the shaman click (shaman click is higher for the "Critical Hits Damage modifier"). Kumbaja's parser does a little better with some of these spells than Lucy.