View Full Version : Oh dear:(

09-20-2006, 05:01 AM
So I came home from work as usal and knew a patch was awaiting me. No problem. Let it dod its thing and then log on . play Zarie a smidge blah blah!!!

Couldn't. Okay Been playing long enough to know servers get clogged with the race going on for one upmanship of conquering exp, articles or whatever .. I let it be and called it a night:)

So this morning I tried again early and lo and behold.. a couple of small patches and zilch!!!!! So I come to trusty old Monkly Business and present my woes:(

Have I bough tThe Serpents Spine yet? Nope..wanted to wait as I was doing exp in FG for Zarie. Not crowded there..think SOE forgot I had her there:(

Well off to work..../sigh

Be safe all - hopefully later:)


Am I same person and same account? Yup...