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  1. Discuss recent announcement(nerfs) in this thread please. :)
  2. Thesis on player wimping.
  3. People, money talks. Use the power you have.
  4. The way I read it...
  5. Who exactly is laughing?
  6. Some Sample Data Pre-Nerf (13-10-02)
  7. If Verant Ran the Universe
  8. Anyone have real data?
  9. This Suck's
  10. Playing right now...
  11. Parse result of Monk Deffence before/after Nerfage
  12. My post-nerf thoughts... *Some log results shown*
  13. Dont just take something away, BALANCE us.
  14. My letter submitted to the EQ development page
  15. Can we get some results from NON 55-60+ monks?
  16. Monk role? Absor, you out there?
  17. So will the uber monk stand up now and talk?
  18. Verant hates the little guy
  19. how many quit ? number count
  20. Monks tanking
  21. *retitled: Before/After comparisons *colection*
  22. Is this possable? CA3 made my defence WORSE?
  23. Parse Data - 60 Monk v Lvl 40-44 Gnolls
  24. Does DEX now have a function??
  25. How can verant make it up to us...
  26. EQ Companion 0.7 available
  27. Feeling uneasy about starting any new chars now?
  28. Why did you make a monk?
  29. The view from level 46/47
  30. Verant Interactive - this post is for you.
  31. High end monks thoughts post nerf..
  32. Block?? Has anyone else noticed this?
  33. Bottom Line?
  34. My experiences last night... DODGE has been nerfed 5 points.
  35. Where are the details on Developers Corner?
  36. Even in my own guild, cheers
  37. Maybe we should be tanks.
  38. patch
  39. general observations
  40. anyone else annoyed at thier guildmates
  41. My evaluation of the change: post study
  42. PoP, Money, and the Nerf
  43. If they nerf the Defense of an "Offensive" Class..
  44. Opinions of Mid-40s monks?
  45. Refund DBL Reposte and Return Kick points
  46. Tinkerer's Bag also "nerfed"
  47. fighting in veklabs - collecting data and meat shield
  48. a 51 monk with decent if not good gear for my level..
  49. Bad aim guys
  50. On posting data.........
  51. A direct discussion
  52. /shield and monks...
  53. No more Off Tanking
  54. Something to consider...
  55. Parsing LOG
  56. Alternative balance options for verant.
  57. Verants stand after the patch
  58. question
  59. I hope...
  60. Tanked doomshade last night
  61. Parse data: guild fight, class DPS and rankings
  62. Upgrade to mitigate our midigation "change"
  63. in all honesty
  64. Reason for the nerf
  65. Another Stealth Nerf
  66. stuns suck now
  67. Where are our refunded aa???
  68. Block Nerf!
  69. An interesting test
  70. Just what the hell is Rampage tanking anyway.
  71. Some of you have some out of touch with reality problems
  72. My theory on the monk nerf
  73. Thoughts on the new monk
  74. Plate and chain classes
  75. Sneak Change Last patch?
  76. Did you write to feedback today?
  77. New Monks Take on Things
  78. Damage Taken
  79. Nerf nerfed?
  80. funny nerf history of my avatars
  81. Any Parse Data for before, patch and then 2nd patch?
  82. Is there a place for Monks in EQ?
  83. The fine line
  84. Patch compare
  85. Wake up folks. Verant does not care.
  86. Defense wasn't lowered that much
  87. Tentative Conclusion: The fallout
  88. New reason to hunt in griegs end
  89. Well, Well, Well...
  90. Manaburn, Modrods, and Monks.
  91. From the many, mamy posts on this topic. My perception.
  92. a constructive solution - VI please read
  93. Could any of you solo yellows and evens before this patch?
  94. Pre/Post patch defense parses, Shiknar Warriors
  95. Why is the burden on us to figure this out?
  96. SWG in 3.5 years.... or Why I won't be playing SWG
  97. The letter I wrote...
  98. Havent seen many posts about how nerf affected us.
  99. This isn't helping...
  100. Still smiling well more of a grimace
  101. Wonder why this happened?
  102. just wondering
  103. In the future...
  104. And now Palys ...
  105. Monks VS Pets
  106. Method to Verants madness.
  107. Zadkiel, plz read
  108. My plan to combat the nerf
  109. An Average Monks findings
  110. My in-guild post on the monk nerf
  111. Being optimistic, having wound myself up enough.
  112. Avoidance was NOT increased !!!
  113. What is Verant's !@#$Q!OU problem?
  114. Pulling/monk life with the new features!
  115. How monk nerf should have been done
  116. FD failure (yes I know of the bug)
  117. Fix taunt, make monks generate less hate.
  118. Beta testers apply here!!
  119. Another possible stealth change
  120. Give monks innate crits (or even crips)
  121. Monk Nerf - Suggestion after analysis
  122. Pally's not being nerfed afterall
  123. Please sticky the complaints address
  124. The Simple Truth
  125. Slay Undead vs Monk Defense
  126. Should monks be able to solo post-nerf?
  127. Obviously, VI can be made to change their mind
  128. Pulling in HoT post nerf.
  129. Mean, Vindictive ...but is this the gear that got us nerfed?
  130. Idea
  131. Heres what a 60 monk in non uber guild sees after the patch.
  132. So how do we stack up compared to light tanks?
  133. after a week of contemplation, my thoughts..
  134. Mods delete this please
  135. PostNERF: Parse of slaves in Nurga [updated]
  136. There is still hope !!
  137. I emailed VI !
  138. Has Verant acknowleged the impact on monks?
  139. Looking for serious opinions on this
  140. AA mitigation
  141. What are monks and rogues ?
  142. OMG the misconceptions I am reading here.
  143. Log Parsing
  144. Well I thought the nerf wasnt a big thing untill last night.
  145. allthese changes
  146. Analysis Monk vs Warrior
  147. Chakta Fungusbeast nerf results
  148. Why doesent everyone take their complaining to Verant!
  149. FD the main target?
  150. If monks mitigation is so over the top
  151. Get Paid to Play
  152. Verant has employed the energizer bunny to swing the nerf ba
  153. Not only did they nerf Monk defense, but....
  154. Perhaps?
  155. From the Planes of Power update...
  156. Clearly conflicting statements
  157. RE: Our reaction to the nerf.
  158. Actual Movement Rate.
  159. Don't make the mistake of purchasing pop
  160. Maybe I'm just stupid, but...
  161. PoP, Ingame economics, and Nerf mitigation
  162. And they wonder why we are truly upset..
  163. Noticing a strange trend..
  164. Rich Waters Official comment and clarification please....
  165. Hallelujah Brothers and Sisters
  166. For those branded whiners, same scenario different product
  167. Post here if you - quit EQ altogether
  168. Decline in Monks and Warriors
  169. *votes for ND4/5*..
  170. My Suggestion to fix it all
  171. My Suggestion to fix it all
  172. Evasion possibly fixed!?
  173. monk nerf = bad
  174. Letter of Frustration Where to Send help plz (long post)
  175. nerf? what nerf?
  176. IF this is a monk board then WHY?...
  177. My Email to VI concerning the Monk Changes
  178. Mass Feedback?
  179. VI / SOE Customer Support - Hello? Hello? HELLO !?!?
  180. SIT IN !!!!
  181. The way I see the dev team.
  182. Au Revoir!
  183. High end pulling
  184. Hmm
  185. In light of recent events will you be playing SWG
  186. Visual AC versus actually AC?
  187. L61 Parsing....
  188. Why not start a petition...
  189. little pic about us.
  190. Can Verant add 75% and 25% anymore?
  191. Monks are Supposed to be more Agile
  192. What is wrong with asking for clarification?
  193. Was just wondering
  194. Remove Stickied Posts, Please!
  195. Suggestions about Monk nerfs and getting some answers.
  196. Time to accept the change?
  197. What I thin is VI's reasonings
  198. Cool
  199. CASH sucks
  200. Monk Vs. Beastlord
  201. But FD has been fixed!
  202. Nerf is here to stay ... and here's why
  203. Dozekar
  204. The REAL problem with the nerf.
  205. Reuse Delay on Stonestance changed?
  206. What is wrong with monks today?
  207. Pulling King Tormaxx last night...
  208. Alternate theory of VI balancing
  209. Nerf = Death of the Old School Monk
  210. I CAN Tank for Exp Groups
  211. LOL banned again
  212. My view.
  213. There should be a sticked thread
  214. Racial Balance after mitigation change?
  215. I think I am leaving :(
  216. First Time Post, Had to finallly write this
  217. possible solution?
  218. Has Anyone (MB Admins included) received e-mail response..
  219. We are getting it..
  220. Monk lfg ... hello?
  221. AC/HP vs old-school dex/agility
  222. My suggestion to Verant
  223. Pop and a Monks Role
  224. My monk is no more
  225. Solo Parse in 61 vs 60
  226. This forum has...
  227. PvP resist - need to be fixed ( a red players view )
  228. Jboots need to be changed - ( a red players view )
  229. My Thoughts on the Nerf
  230. Why Compare
  231. Who is representing us at Fan Faire?
  232. Rogues tank better than monks
  233. Rangers tank better than monks now. VI take note please!
  234. Monks in PoP? *Never Mind*
  235. Further insulted...........
  236. 64 grandmaster but 65 ?
  237. Safe Fall, Changed?
  238. PoP monk nerf: to say it in very few words...
  239. Serious Question
  240. Monk Tanking.....
  241. Absor....hello?.... Bueler?.....umm...ya
  242. Comparison
  243. Interesting
  244. Monk rants?
  245. I mailed to VI, and even got an answer
  246. No more duo with Shaman
  247. Faction??
  248. VI isnt the Problem its Monk's
  249. Str and Agi are now the "monk stats" it seems
  250. My grandma tanks better then monks now!!!!